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Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

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Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

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  • 24" dimensions: 24" Diameter x 14" H
  • 30" dimensions: 30" Diameter x 15" H
  • 34" dimensions: 34" Diameter x 16" H
  • Material: durable, heavy-duty cast iron
  • Includes fire pit only
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Simple in design, durably-made and easy to use, the Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl will be the gathering spot for endless relaxing moments. Made from strong, heavy-duty cast iron material, this fire pit will be able to withstand lots of use. We offer three different sizes - 24-inch, 30-inch and 34-inch - giving you the ability to choose the one that best fits your space and needs. Available in two finishes, you can find the one that best complements your outdoor decor. For a country look and feel, opt for the rust color option. The "rust" color features a durable cast iron material combined with an oxidized iron finish. For a modern space, the steel color finish makes a stylish choice. It is perfect for patios, pool areas, decks, camp sites and more. It comes fully assembled, so it is ready to be used. All you need for an entertaining evening is some firewood and great conversation.

Features of the Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl:

  • 24" D x 14" H. Bowl depth: approximately 5"; 3 legs, 10" L.; handle to handle measures 29". Fire pit weighs 22 lbs.
  • 30" D x 15" H. Bowl depth: approximately 6"; 3 legs, 10" L; handle to handle measures 35". Fire pit weighs 28 lbs.
  • 34" D x 16" H. Bowl depth: approximately 9"; 4 legs, 10" L; handle to handle measures 39". Fire pit weighs 35 lbs.
  • Fire pits are made from durable, heavy-duty cast iron material for long-lasting strength and durability.
  • An authentic rust patina gives this product its antique look. This unique finish is formed when metal is exposed to water and oxygen. Because of this, the color may continue to change over time. To limit color change, keep this product covered when not in use.
  • Includes fire pit bowl and legs only; no other accessories are included.
  • Handles on the side enable you to easily lift the bowl to dump out ashes for cleaning.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free ordering.

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