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Log Racks & Wood Carriers Provide Organized, Easy Firewood Storage

Protect your firewood for your wood-burning fire pit, fireplace or wood-burning stove with the log racks and firewood carriers from Serenity Health & Home Decor. It’s difficult to start a fire with wet wood. Damp firewood can also grow mold, which poses a threat to your family’s health. Our log racks with covers for indoor and outdoor use will keep your firewood dry, clean and mold-free. Shop our firewood ring racks and indoor wood racks.

Shop our exclusive line of Sunnydaze Decor log racks and carriers. We have decorative firewood racks by Sunnydaze Decor and firewood log carts with wheels. Our black combination fire log rack and carrier has a slip-off canvas carrier that fits around the steel log rack. The line of Sunnydaze log racks includes outdoor firewood holders and firewood holders for indoor use.

Outdoor Log Racks

Outdoor log racks are available in a range of styles and sizes. These log racks and carriers are designed to protect large amounts of firewood from the elements. An outdoor firewood rack is ideal for use as firewood storage for outdoor fire pits. The 8’ Firewood Log Rack is our largest firewood storage system. It can store an entire winter’s worth of logs, and its cover keeps rain and rodents away.

Indoor Log Racks

We offer an array of attractive log racks for indoor use. An indoor firewood rack is usually smaller and is designed to sit near a fireplace or an indoor fire pit. The 30” Fireside Log Holder makes a stylish addition to any living room, solarium or man cave.

Firewood Carts

Hauling firewood doesn’t have to be a laborious chore! We offer a range of log carts and carriers that make it easy transport and store firewood. These wheeled log racks help you carry firewood with ease and can double as firewood storage.

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