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Shop For Your Brazilian Hammock Today: The Ultimate In Comfort & Design

Long-lasting Durable Traditional Style Hammocks

Brazil is known for many great things: rainforests, Carnival, sun-kissed beaches and Brazilian hammocks. Imagine being wrapped comfortably in a cocoon of fabric as you rock gently on a breezy afternoon. That’s what you’ll experience with a Brazilian hammock from Serenity Health & Home Decor. Brazilian hammocks are distinct from other hammocks in that instead of lying flat, they are designed to curl around you and cradle you in warmth. Made from a soft, yet tough-wearing cotton and polyester material, Brazilian hammocks are long lasting and durable, and thanks to the tight weave, they’re an excellent choice for cooler climates and for use during fall and spring months. Unlike open weave hammocks, they provide more of a cozy, blanket-like level of comfort. Brazilian hammocks are so comfortable and relaxing, that people in South America have been using them to sleep in for centuries. Place one in a shady spot by your favorite tree, alongside your pool or near your fragrant flower garden and read, take a long nap or just spend time listening to the sounds of nature.

Our collection features a wide selection of styles and lively colors, so you’re sure to find a Brazilian hammock that matches your garden decor. Choose from solid hues to whimsical prints. You’ll discover double hammocks that accommodate two people, portable hammocks for use when camping and indoor/outdoor designs. We even offer hammock and stand combinations for those who don’t have two perfectly spaced trees to hang their hammock. Stands give you the flexibility of placing your hammock anywhere on your property. Made from such tough-wearing materials as powder-coated steel, our stands are supportive yet light enough so you can move them around with ease. Quality designed throughout, indoor/outdoor designs come with rubber caps on all the legs to help avoid floor scuffing and scratches. 


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