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Amplify Your Outdoor Fun With Fireside Tools For Cooking & Fire Maintenance

Take fireside enjoyment to a whole new level with Serenity Health & Home Décor’s accessories and tools. We’ve got everything you need to keep the flame alive, including pokers, log grabbers, drink holders, hot dog forks and cooking grates. Enliven your culinary spirit with colorful marshmallow roasting sticks for creating perfectly roasted s’mores or keep your roaring fire safe with a poker made from solid steel.

For the serious outdoor enthusiast, check out our selection of heavy-duty tools. Log grabber styles range from 36-inch options with easy-to-use spring lever handles to 40-inch claw log grabbers that will give you the perfect grip. You can use a Sunnydaze Décor heavy-duty poker for a safe way to bring dying flames back to life or create a comfortable lounging space with practical drink holders that you can stake into the ground.

Sunnydaze Decor pokers are available in lengths ranging from 16 inches to 32 inches, allowing you to adjust or move logs within a fireplace or a fire pit from a safe distance, and the pokers with wood handles are comfortable to handle and won't get too hot. If you need a log grabber, you can choose from either the 36-inch Sunnydaze Heavy Duty Black Log Grabber with Easy Spring Lever Action or the 40-inch Log Claw Grabber with all-steel tubular construction to move wood safely and easily in your fire pit or fireplace. Serenity Health also stocks Sunnydaze cooking grates and multicolor drink holder sets.


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