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Turn your fire pit into a grilling machine that serves up juicy burgers, hot dogs, steaks and veggies. Those seeking a way to cook over their fire pit, campfire ring, brazier or other outdoor heat source can find a versatile selection of quality, tested-and-approved cooking grills and grates right here. Nothing beats cooking your favorite foods on an open flame in the great outdoors, and our collection of Sunnydaze Decor grills offers you everything you need to make it happen. Invite some friends, grab some food to grill and enjoy an evening of great conversation, a few laughs and lots of full bellies.

Our fire pit grates come in a range of designs and features and are made from such durable materials as steel that has been finished with high-temperature paint. Some of the styles we offer include:

  • Grills (also called cooking grates): placed directly over an open flame, to provide a level surface in which different foods can be arranged and cooked.
  • Fire pit grates : set in the bottom of a fire pit below the firewood. This allows air to flow underneath the grate for better barbecuing of meat that’s placed on a separate cooking grill or pan placed above the flames.
  • Campfire tripods: allow cooking grills to be suspended via chains so that they hang level over the fire; they’re ideal for use over temporary cooking stations, homemade fire pits and fire rings.
  • Stake-based swivel grill systems: can be easily staked into the soft ground alongside any fire, and can swivel on and off the flame with ease. They’re also height adjustable so they can be raised or lowered as needed.

From grates that fold in half for easy storage, to campfire “swivel” systems that provide the functional flexibility that one sometimes needs when playing chef outside, you’ll find top-quality options for your yard, cabin or patio from Sunnydaze Decor. Happy grilling!


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