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Hammock Chairs & Swings Offer The Perfect Outdoor Seat

Swing Away Stress

Find the best hammock swing chairs — with or without stands — at the lowest prices at Serenity Health & Home Décor. Shop now for this fun alternative to an ordinary lounge chair. Hang one of these fun seats indoors from a ceiling stud or beam, or position with a C-stand, available from our line of accessories. Hang outdoors from a tree or with a frame. Shop our portable styles to take along with you to the beach, park, or vacation lodgings. We have Brazilian, Caribbean, and Mayan swing styles and seats for an inviting addition to your home or garden.

Our exclusive Sunnydaze line of hammocks includes large Mayan chair styles that are hand-woven by indigenous Mayans in Mexico. Each hammock is 100 percent woven cotton with woven nylon hanging cords will vary in color and texture due to the artist’s unique skills and perspective. We are delighted to offer this line of Mayan swings from a country where hammocks were first used by the Mayans more than 1,000 years ago. We also have handmade Mayan swings from Mexico with adjustable frames.

We have finely crafted Caribbean chair hammocks by Algoma. This style features a generous seat with a hardwood spreader bar that allows you to adjust the seat width to up to 40 inches. The weight limit on this sturdy seat is 300 pounds. Hang this Caribbean-style chair from a tree or patio beam outside or set up with a C stand inside. Our Sunnydaze seat and stand combo is crafted with durable cotton rope for the seat and durable steel for the stand. Each Sunnydaze Decor hammock or swing comes with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. These products are great gifts for children and adults.

You will be impressed with the eye-catching style of the Sunnydaze Decor Floating Chaise Lounge Chair with polyester cushions and an umbrella. Sunbathe poolside, lounge on the patio or kick back and relax in the shade with this copiously padded hanging lounge area with the pad and pillow secured to the stand with polyester fabric ties for easy placement, removal and cleaning. And your adorable kids can now have an adorable hanging chair swing of their own with the Sunnydaze Decor Nest Pod made of soft cotton. The Nest Pod can be hung indoors or out, on a front porch or in a child’s bedroom. Sunnydaze Decor also offers hanging padded soft cushion seating with a foot rest, so you can provide your tired feet with the same luxurious relaxation you give your back.


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