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Outdoor Fire Pits Are Great for Warmth & Entertainment

Fire pits at Serenity Health include wood-burning, outdoor gas, tables, rings, grates, collegiate-themed designs and Sunnydaze Decor options, as well as all of the necessary accessories. Some of the most popular outdoor fire bowls at Serenity Health include the Sunnydaze Heavy-Duty Crossweave campfire ring, the Sunnydaze 30-inch sphere flaming ball style with a protective cover and the Sunnydaze 32-inch square Northern Galaxy fire pit with a cooking grate and spark screen. Another great option is the Sunnydaze Steel Cauldron fire pit with a spark screen, which is made from durable 0.7-millimeter-thick steel with a black, high-temperature paint finish and a decorative leg assembly with a dark bronze high-temperature paint finish.

Get Cozy Around A Fire

A fire pit will bring warmth and joy to any backyard or outdoor patio area. Fire pits are perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying quiet nights at home while you soak up the spirit of the outdoors around a crackling fire.

Wood-burning and gas fire pits are available in copper, iron, and many other durable, yet stylish, materials at Serenity Health. We offer many sizes and styles to accent your deck or patio perfectly, whether it’s classic or contemporary, rustic or futuristic. The right fire bowl can quickly turn your outdoor area into your favorite entertainment space and become a welcome retreat after a long day.

Fire Pits for Every Outdoor Space

Whether it’s your backyard, patio or deck, you’ll find the perfect fire pit for your outdoor space at Serenity Health. Shop now and start enjoying your deck or patio long into the beautiful evenings and nights of spring, summer and fall. Whether you need a large outdoor fire pit for hosting large groups or want something small-scale for your intimate patio, Serenity Health has the right small and large fire pits for sale to suit your specific needs.

Don’t forget to explore our very own collection of Sunnydaze fire pits if you’re looking for a style with that Serenity Health & Home Decor touch. These beautiful, movable fire pits are designed to evoke a relaxing and inviting outdoor environment for hosting small and large groups alike. Be sure to check out our guide for keeping your fire pit looking and working great.

Finding the Right Fire Pit

When selecting a fire pit, there are a few factors to consider, such as materials, size and fuel. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect style for your outdoor space in our expansive store.

  • Materials: Fire pits are manufactured from a range of materials, including steel, cast iron, copper and other metals as well as stone and lightweight faux-stone. Slate, ceramic or marble tiles are common decorative accents for fire pits.
  • Size and Shape: The size of your outdoor area will, of course, influence the size of the fire pit you purchase. Remember: the larger the bowl or ring, the larger the fire. And the larger the fire, the more wood or fuel it takes and the harder it can be to control. However, with large fire bowls, outdoor entertaining is easier among large groups.
  • Fuel: A gas-fueled fire pit is preferred by those who want a brighter, cleaner burning fire without the hassle of purchasing firewood. Wood-burning fire pits appeal to those who don’t want to install gas lines and who appreciate the smell and crackle of a real wood fire. Remember to check local ordinances in your community to find out which types of fire pits are allowed.
  • Decorating Style: No matter what style of décor you prefer, Serenity Health has an outdoor fire pit to accentuate it. You’ll find rustic, modern, classic, casual, contemporary, Asian-inspired and many other styles of good-looking fire pits for sale in our massive online fire pit store.


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