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Protect & Preserve Your Outdoor Fountains With Durable Covers

You’ve invested a lot into your outdoor water fountain, so you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that it perseveres through all of the elements. Serenity Health offers a vast selection of high-quality water fountain covers designed to help you preserve your fountain and protect it from the elements year-round. We have heavy-duty tiered water fountain covers, large water fountain covers and small garden fountain covers to completely cover your unique display. We recommend adding a cover to any outdoor water fountain outdoor water fountain purchase, especially if you intend to keep it outdoors throughout the winter.

These covers are constructed from heavy-duty vinyl and reinforced polyethylene material (similar to tarp material) to ensure that your fountain is well-protected from water, moisture, insect damage, snow and ice. If you have a tiered fountain or birdbath, we recommend choosing the Sunnydaze Gray Tiered Fountain Cover that comes in four sizes to suit your specific fountain. We also have round and square fountain covers that come in a variety of sizes to match your specific statuary. In addition to different shapes, many of our fountain covers are available in multiple sizes. This helps to ensure that you’ll find the perfect cover for any outdoor water fountain. Shop our entire collection of fountain covers to find the perfect way to protect your fountain during the winter at affordable prices. All of the fountain covers for sale at Serenity Health include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and same-day shipping for worry-free purchasing.

Winter weather can be extremely harsh on outdoor water fountains, especially if you live in a northern climate. In addition to covering your fountain, you’ll want to follow a few simple steps to prepare your water feature for winter. No matter whether your fountain is made of cast stone, fiberglass, natural stone, resin or polystone, you’ll want to cover it during the colder months. In many cases, it’s not possible for you to bring your fountain indoors, so these fountain covers are a great solution. Don’t forget to make sure to drain your fountain of all of the existing water before temperatures hit freezing. You should also add some absorbent materials, such as towels or blankets, to the water basin and tiers to absorb leftover water that could cause cracking. If you’re looking for more information on year-round care of water fountains, please visit our page on.


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