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Floating Solar Fountains and Solar Pond Pumps: Perfect for Small Ponds and Pools

Solar Powered Fountains: An Easy Way to Keep Water from Stagnating

Liven up your outdoor water feature while making it safer for humans and animals by installing a solar fountain. When water sits stagnant, it increases the risk of algae development, mosquito infestations, bacteria growth and other things that can ruin its beauty while also spreading disease. The floating solar water fountains and solar pond pumps from Serenity Health & Home Décor will mimic the action of a natural stream-fed pond to keep the water in your outside pond from becoming idle. Our solar pond fountains are the affordable alternative to expensive electric lines. All of our solar pumps are powered by sunlight.

Solar-powered pond pumps will have water jumping and dancing whenever the sun comes out. We have a number of floating fountains for small ponds in different sizes, spray styles and water pressure rates. A solar-powered pool fountain can also be added to man-made water features such as birdbaths, and you might even use them to make your own creative feature. Each kit includes a pump, spray heads and a solar panel that can be assembled in minutes.

One of our popular solar-powered pond fountains is the floating lily solar water fountain. This floating fountain looks like a lily pad. The solar panel is attached to it and the solar pump is located beneath the solar panel. An upward spray of water shoots upward from the sturdy foam lily pad and falls back into the water, thanks to power from sunlight. Use one for a small pond or several for a large pond to create a dramatic effect.

Floating Solar Fountains for Attracting Nature

You will find that wildlife such as birds and butterflies love the moving water when they arrive to enjoy your floating solar fountain. A floating solar fountain keeps the water fresh and provides a spot for them to land and rest their wings. Floating solar fountain pumps are an ideal way to attract nature without having to run electrical lines or rely on intrusive extension cords. If aquatic life in your pond has gotten stale, you might also consider a solar oxygenator to restore oxygen levels.

Smart Solar – Enjoy Your Fountain Even When the Sun Goes Down

Some of these floating solar fountains have battery backup power to allow their operation at night. These pond fountain pumps are equipped with solar panels and backup batteries to allow them to store energy for use after dark. Shop our Solar Fountain with Battery Backup selections for a floating solar fountain with backup batteries. We have replacement solar powered pond pumps and solar panels as well if yours have been damaged or worn out. If you have questions about our solar fountains or pond pumps, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We make shopping easy with our price-match guarantee, easy no-questions-asked returns and expert customer service.

Shop our selection of solar-powered pond fountains to find the perfect aeration system for your small pond. Ponds with water fountains enjoy the benefit of running water, which allows for a healthier pond ecosystem. A floating solar-powered pond fountain allows you to keep your water circulating without causing your energy bill to spike. Switching out the water pump in your current fountain in favor of a solar water pump is also a great idea for conserving energy and saving money.


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