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Ensure that your indoor or outdoor water fountain will last longer and perform better with the premium fountain cleaners, pumps, covers and other accessories from Serenity Health & Home Decor. With our price-match guarantee, you can be assured you’re getting the lowest prices on our water fountain care products as well as our water fountain and landscape lighting. Protect your outdoor water fountain from the elements with our heavy-duty covers in sizes to fit your fountain.

We specialize in replacement solar water fountain pumps and panels. We have kits that will allow you to inexpensively convert your outdoor electric fountain to an Earth-friendly, solar-powered fountain. These large and small fountain pumps are also ideal for replacing your current pump if it has broken. Some of our other fountain accessories include water fountain lighting and fountain replacement parts. Our environmentally friendly, long-lasting LED light kits will allow you to shine beautiful lights on your fountain at night. Keep the view elegant by using our water fountain maintenance products to clear your fountain of debris, odors and calcium deposits. Our selection of water fountain cleaners will help keep both your fountain and the water in it clean and beautiful.

We also carry systems designed to maintain the water level in your outdoor fountain. These auto fill systems will automatically refill your fountains when the water level diminishes. Just connect the system to a garden hose or faucet. An adjustable water level float will detect declining water levels and signal the system to add water. These convenient systems will save you time that you would normally spend filling your fountain by hand.

Shop our exclusive Sunnydaze brand water fountain pumps and supplies. We’re the official site of Sunnydaze Decor. Browse our selection of Sunnydaze Decor replacement pumps for floating lily solar pond fountains. We also carry Sunnydaze solar pumps and solar panel kits. The Sunnydaze Air Pump Solar Oxygenator Plus will replenish oxygen levels in your pond using two power modes. By day, the pump will use energy supplied by the solar panel to add oxygen to the water. At night, switch to the battery-operated oxygenator system with the push of a button. Free shipping is also available on most orders. We'll ship your product the same day you order if you get your order in by 2 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.


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