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Pool Supplies

Serenity Health & Home Décor is on hand to help you create the most ideal outdoor oasis, with everything from low-priced pool chemicals to exquisite outdoor fountains that elicit calm. Our selection of pool supplies is jam-packed with products designed to help you make the most of your swimming pool, including top-quality pool chemicals. Shop pool algaecides, water clarifiers, chlorine boosters and stain control products to ensure that the water in your swimming pool remains crystal-clear and inviting regardless of constant exposure to the elements.

These products can help you tackle specific pool issues, including calcium and scale buildup and out-of-control algae. We have swimming pool cleaners formulated to tackle green, blue-green, yellow and black algae. We also offer scale stain cleaners that remove waterline calcium buildup and control scale, stains and scum by optimizing the salt cell output. Most of these cleaners won’t affect your pool’s pH levels, so you can swim immediately after treatment. They’re made with non-hazardous, non-toxic ingredients so you can safely handle them during your routine pool cleanings.

In addition to top-of-the-line pool cleaners, we also have plenty of excellent poolside accessories for your pool deck, whether it is residential or commercial. We have the best selection of stylish patio furniture, including recliners and loungers made with weather-resistant materials that are suitable for placement next to the pool. We also have an excellent selection of grills and grill accessories, including stylish outdoor grill cabinets that bring the convenience of the indoors out, to help you create a fun and practical poolside party space. You get free shipping on orders over $50 when you shop Serenity Health for all your pool supplies.


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