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Enjoy Campfires With A Safe, Durable, & Portable Fire Ring

Enjoy a fire outdoors with our safe, portable fire pits from Serenity Health & Home Décor. Our steel fire pit rings have Western motifs like wild moose and running horse. Or choose a contemporary design in a heavy-duty fire pit ring by Sunnydaze and other top brands. Our exclusive Sunnydaze fire pit rings have cut-out designs that create a unique lighting effect while casting intriguing shadows outside. Our four-piece Sunnydaze Decor Stars and Moon fire pit ring has a rustic finish to the 1.6 mm steel structure with star and moon cutouts. Our 30-inch by 30-inch fire pit rings, which weigh about 20 pounds, are a great size for medium-size fires. For a larger outside fire, choose our 36-inch campfire rings. Portable fire pit rings allow you to start a safe, warm fire anywhere in your backyard all summer long. Turn any spot into a place for cookouts, meditation or just relaxing with friends.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution or want the satisfaction of a personal project, you can create your own fire pit rings with our heavy-duty steel fire pit rim. A do-it-yourself fire pit will give you a safe place to burn wood above ground or in-ground. Choose a 27-inch to 39-inch diameter ring. Including the rim, the diameter will range from 33 inches to 45 inches. For an in-ground fire, dig a hole in the ground. Place the ring and rim on the ground over the hole. Then, back-fill the dirt around the outside of the rim and place your firewood inside the rim. We also carry compact stone fire pits that arrive with pre-cut blocks of stone to assemble. This ring has an optional heavy-duty swivel cooking grate 300 square inches in size. The pit, when assembled, is 44 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

For a unique look when entertaining around a fire outside at night, consider our exclusive steel cauldron fire pit by Sunnydaze Decor. This handsomely designed above-ground fire pit is shaped like a cauldron finished in metallic dark bronze high temperature paint on the outside and black high-temperature paint inside. This sturdy steel fire pit comes with a spark screen, log poker with wood handle and built-in wood grate. Fire ring kits are another option. These can include a steel ring insert and stone blocks for building an elegant fire pit in your backyard or on your patio.All fire pit rings from Serenity Health are easy to assemble and give you the right amount of space for a bright blaze. Make your summer or fall nights even more memorable with fire pit accessories such as fire pit covers, pokers, log racks and cooking grates. Sunnydaze outdoor fire pits, fountains and other décor include limited one-year warranties. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying purchases. 


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