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Relax In Style with A Quality Chaise Lounger: Check Out Our Selection Of Teak Pieces!

Chaise loungers and teak steamer chairs are the ultimate in relaxation.  Many of the lounge chairs you see here are made from teak, some of the ever popular Polywood as well as some wrought aluminum. 

Teak lounge chairs have adorned beach resorts for generations. Their presence evokes nostalgic images of luxurious accommodations and exotic locations. During the past few decades, picturesque resort locations have re-emerged. Teak loungers are once again taking center stage. Best of all, teak products have become affordable enough that homeowners can make them part of their patio and poolside array.

The advantages of a teak chaise and teak steamers is quickly evident. Their sun-warmed surface is inviting after emerging from the water. In fact, teak chaise lounge chairs maintain a comfortable temperature no matter how long they have set in the sun. The internal oils warm, while the upper layer of wood breathes. Even on cool days their temperature remains constant. They are highly preferred over vinyl or metal products that tend to chill when it is overcast and bake when the sun is strong.

Teakwood loungers are extremely versatile. They lend themselves well to multi-position designs because their joints never shrink and the wood doesn't warp. Since teak gives slightly under large weight loads, double teak lounge chairs last decades without buckling or bowing. This wood is also light weight - folding teak lounge chairs are easily toted to preferred beach locations. Unlike other types of wood lounge chairs, they can be set into the water without incurring damage.

Like all teak products, maintenance involves periodic power washing and an occasional quick sandpaper rub to speed the wood's natural ability to dissipate stains. Whether silver-gray or original in color, teak wood poolside furniture sets are elegant pieces that warm any outdoor living environment.


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