Porch Swings

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A Classic Porch Swing On Your Porch Or Patio Provides Attractive Seating

Take in some fresh air the old-fashioned way with a soothing porch swing from Serenity Health. Designed to offer gentle movement and full-body comfort, these wood porch swings will encourage you to spend hours relaxing in the outdoors. We only offer high-quality, long-lasting porch swings made from teak and cedar, with options designed to complement all types of home décor styles. Complete your country porch with an Adirondack porch swing or honor your Asian garden with a pergola swing set that incites Zen.

Each cedar porch swing in our collection is made from clear-grade Western red cedar wood that has been finely sanded for a smooth finish. We offer a complete collection of All Things Cedar porch swings at Serenity Health & Home Décor, each one of which is hand-crafted from the finest clear grained cedar available. We also have several exquisite teak porch swings constructed from lightly stained teak wood to honor the wood’s natural grain. Both cedar and teak are highly durable and resistant to insects and weather damage.


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