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Bring Birds To Your Backyard with a Solar-Powered Bird Bath

So Many Solar Power Options for Bird Bath Fountains

Solar-powered birdbath fountains from Serenity Health & Home Décor are an Earth-friendly way to enjoy a new focal point in your backyard. These solar-power bird baths don’t require an electrical outlet. We have lightweight fiberglass resin bird bath fountains powered by the sun that are designed to resemble marble, granite, stone or ceramic. Sunlight powers the solar pump attached to each fountain to keep the water moving. Birds will be instantly attracted to the movement and sounds of flowing water in your fountain./p>

We have Smart Solar bird bath fountains as well as fountains by our exclusive Sunnydaze Décor brand. Find elegant bird bath water fountains with or without LED lights. We have classic two-tiered, solar-powered birdbath fountains and geometric birdbath fountain styles by Sunnydaze Décor. With Sunnydaze, enjoy same-day or next-business-day shipping on most of our exclusive line of solar birdbath fountains.

Solar Power Lets You Put Your Bird Bath Anywhere in Your Back Yard

These solar-powered bird baths are quickly emerging as the most innovative products in outdoor living. Long-corded solar panels can be placed in any sunny environment, while the birdbaths themselves are positioned yards away. Others have the panels built into the top. While some solar pumps operate only during the day, some of our pumps have a backup battery that stores energy from the sun by day to provide up to six hours of action by night.

All bird baths and fountains require weekly cleaning to ensure a pleasant experience for our feathered friends. They can be quickly drained and wiped with dish soap and a soft cloth. (Make sure no soap residue remains in the fountain). Always check the pump while cleaning to ensure that no algae are beginning to grow in the tube. Algae treatments are also affordable solutions. Although fiberglass fountains are not prone to lime scaling, lime cleaners and a nylon toothbrush can be safely used to clear away any appearance.

All of the solar-powered bird bath fountains from Serenity Health are powered by a convenient solar-powered birdbath pump. These pumps are designed to keep the water flowing through your fountain while saving you money on energy costs. A solar-powered birdbath is a great alternative to a traditional pedestal bird bath because it doesn’t allow the water inside to become stagnant. Constantly flowing water keeps your solar-powered bird bath fountain from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria.

Discover our unique bird houses and high quality bird feeders for your feathered friends. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders and a price-match guarantee to assure you that you are receiving the lowest available prices for our bird bath fountains, birdhouses and beautiful bird feeders. When you’re shopping for the holidays, offer friends and family a unique way to enjoy a new home décor purchase with our popular E-gift cards from


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