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Protect your Belongings with a Sunnydaze Safe or Lockbox

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are safe when you are away from home. Keep your valuables secure in a Sunnydaze Safe or Lockbox. Our collection of safes and lockboxes feature some of the most popular options including programmable locks and steel combination cable lockboxes in a range of sizes to provide you with the extra security you need for your firearms, legal documents, jewelry, cash or any other valuables.

Use a Sunnydaze Safe at Home, in the Office or Stow in the Closet

Our quality-made safes and lockboxes are loaded with must-have features that prevent would-be thieves from gaining access to your valuables, while being convenient for you to use. Our assortment of battery-operated safes with digital programmable locks includes such quality features as 2-millimeter thick steel sidewalls, a 4-millimeter thick steel door and a carpeted interior to help protect your valuables from scratches and abrasions. These safes feature a resettable, programmable lock that enables you to choose your own combination, along with emergency override keys that allow you to gain entry should the batteries fail. They also come with back and bottom mounting holes along with bolt-down hardware allowing you to secure them to the wall or floor to prevent thieves from grabbing your safe and running. These safes are drill-resistant, tamper-proof, rust-proof and impact-resistant, so you can be sure your valuables are safe.

In addition to safes that range in size from 0.28 cubic feet to 2.26 cubic feet, we have a small Steel Combination Cable Lockbox Safe for travel, car or home use. Compact in size, this lockbox weighs just three pounds, yet is made from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel that is strong enough to safely secure your wallet, passport, plane tickets or a few pieces of jewelry in your suitcase, in the glovebox of your car, in a night stand or while traveling. It comes with a 1500 pound tested steel security cable to secure the case when looped around any fixed object so it cannot be picked up or stolen


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