The Magical History Of & Fun Facts About Garden Gnomes

The Magical History Of & Fun Facts About Garden Gnomes

, by Courtney Pederson, 3 min reading time

Lawn gnomes add a sense of magical whimsy to any outdoor space. They are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors, and make for a fun addition to any garden. But where did gnomes come from? What is their story? Well, there are many theories about the background of garden gnomes, and below you will learn fun facts that supplement the story of our particular garden-gnome selection.

Sir Charles Isham, Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Garden gnomes originated in the United Kingdom. Their creator, Sir Charles Isham, brought 21 Terra-cotta figures back from a trip to Germany, and placed them around the gardens of his home.

They eventually made their way to the United States, first arriving in North America along with Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1492. The gnomes were in search of new land and adventure, both of which they found here in spades. They loved the abundance of land and green plants they found while travelling across the region. 

Al and Anita on Bench, 8 Inch Tall Gnome by Sunnydaze Decor

Gnomes also have an established social structure. The guides are an important part of any gnome village – most are elder members of the community who assist their fellow gnomes with finding food and land on which to build new places to live. These gnomes are generally also storytellers, and enjoy fascinating younger gnomes with their epic tales. The storytelling is aimed at both preserving their history and keeping younger gnomes out of mischief.

Gnomes are very gentle beings, and like to ensure that all living creatures Sunnydaze Book Worm Bernard the Outdoor Garden Gnome with Mushroom and Solar Lightremain unharmed. They carry knives with them in order to rescue animals from traps and remove splinters from paws, so that no creature has to live in pain. Their knives also come in handy when animals that cannot fend for themselves need help getting food. Some gnome guides carry journals so they can map out their travels and make notes about their journeys, especially recording points that may be of interest to other gnomes in the future.

Another charming fact about our gnomes: They are known to plant wildflowers wherever they go. So the next time you see a wildflower, go ahead and wonder “Did a gnome plant this here?”

While it may seem unexpected, gnomes are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and carrying out their duties by night. This is why only a handful of humans have ever seen a real-life gnome!

Gus the Original Gnome, 9.5 Inch Tall by Sunnydaze DecorSome slightly more mundane facts about gnomes: The original gnome was about 6 inches tall and did not don the traditional conical gnome hat. With their hats, your average gnome will stand roughly 8 inches tall. These days, gnome statues come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find the one that best accents your lawn or garden.

And remember: When our gnomes meet new guests, they often present gifts (such as bird houses) to them, and they are always sure to put out welcome sign prior to receiving visitors, as a sign of friendliness and respect.

Check out our selection of charming garden gnomes today and start your own cheery gnome family!



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