6 Facts About the Latest Trend: "Hammocking"

6 Facts About the Latest Trend: "Hammocking"

, by Courtney Pederson, 3 min reading time

There's a popular trend sweeping the nation that's attracting more than just your average adventure seeker. In fact, it's appealing to kids and adults alike because any age can participate, and you don't need to travel anywhere fancy to make it happen. Best known as "hammocking" or by its slang term 'mocking, this activity is simply defined as the act of setting up your hammock anywhere (and I mean anywhere) with a friend or several people and simply hanging out, napping, relaxing, and swinging together in your respective hammocks. If that sounds super simple to you, that's because it is! But let's dive a little deeper into why this trend has sparked so much interest with these seven facts about hammocking.

1. It's mostly a social activity. 

girl relaxing in hammock on a sunny day

Hammocking is really just about hanging out and relaxing with friends and family and enjoying one another's company while you're suspended in air together! Chilling in a hammock is relaxing to begin with, so why not enjoy that with those you love? It's a chance to get outdoors together and enjoy nature and the sweet smells and sounds of summer while staying cozy and curled up in your hammock.

2. It can be done almost anywhere. 

person laying in hammock near a mountain

Coworkers are mocking together on their lunch breaks in the park, kids are hanging up their hammocks in their backyards with friends, couples are relaxing in their hammocks near the beach, hikers are mocking together on trails, students are mocking on campus in between classes....the list goes on and on! The part of mocking that appeals to almost everyone is that you can do it almost anytime, anywhere. So whether you live in a city with a small park near your work or live in the countryside full of space and trees, everyone has the opportunity to participate!

3. You can double up to double the fun.

We have plenty of two-person hammocks that allow you to enjoy the activity of mocking with someone from within the same hammock! Mocking doesn't require multiple hammocks when you could just fit two people in one! 

4. Hammocks are "stackable!"

one person in a hammock that is hanging above another person in a separate hammock

The great thing about most hammocks? They're stackable! As you can see, if you can find sturdy, tall trees it is possible to stack two, three, perhaps even four hammocks above one another in a "stackable" fashion. It's perfect for times when you want to mock with others, but perhaps still enjoy a little time to yourself with your favorite novel. Our portable double camping parachute hammocks are getting the job done here! 

5. It's an activity for everyone and anyone.

From thrill seekers to home bodies to campers, hammocking is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone because you can do it pretty much anywhere. If you're only comfortable relaxing within your own home, go ahead and mock in your backyard or even your living room if space allows! If you seek a new adventure or huge thrill, find a unique place to mock with your thrill seeking buddies like a mountain range! The world is your mocking space.

6. You can get your pets involved.

Person with their dog reclining in a hammock

Who said hammocking is just for humans? Perhaps your dog would like to join in on the mocking fun! Set up a hammock for them and see if they'd like to join you for an afternoon nap!

Now that you're a mocking expert, gather up some friends, get out there and mock!


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