Water Fountain FAQs

These water fountain FAQ's are designed by you to answer your most commonly asked questions about fountains. If you don't see something that answers your questions please don't hesitate to contact us to find a lot more information about fountains and relaxation.

Is my water fountain and fountain pump going to be difficult to maintain?

There are fewer things easier in life than maintaining a fountain. Smaller floor and tabletop fountains have very little setup, and once they’re turned on, there’s not much left to do.

When you first get your fountain it may take a few days to get used to the way it runs. Depending on the humidity and the size of the fountain, you’ll soon discover how much water you need to add and how often. When caring for your water fountain, it’s important to pay attention to where the pump is located. Fountain pumps are usually hidden beneath the base of the model, flushing water up and out continuously. The water, which is recycled, will eventually evaporate into the air. When and how often you change/add water to your fountain will depend a lot on the amount of humidity in the air (causing the water to evaporate), and the size of your fountain. Typically, a smaller tabletop fountain will require additions of water more frequently than a large-scale water fountain. Make sure the pump is completely submersed in the water while running to avoid motor damage.

The pump, which is essentially the heart of the fountain, will be the first thing to show signs of debris buildup and should be wiped clean frequently. Frequently turning the fountain on and off isn’t good for the pump and should be avoided. Keep your new fountain running all of the time for optimal performance and functionality.

How do I take care of my indoor water fountain?

Indoor water fountains are obviously not subjected to the same extremes of temperature, wind, rain, etc, as the outdoor versions. However, over time, the water can start to get a little murky.

The presence of minerals and hard water will inevitably cause a build-up of algae in your fountain. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use distilled water. However, distilled water isn’t absolutely essential. There are many products on the market specifically designed for indoor and outdoor fountain care. Natural fountain care products like Small and Larger Fountain Cleanser are safe for pets and can be used on all types and styles of water fountains, including large fountains such as the Adagio Inspiration Falls.

There's no strict guideline on when to clean your indoor fountain. Keeping an eye for dust buildup and maintaining the quality of the water are probably the two most important indoor fountain care requirements. Use a soft cloth to wipe dust from the fountain, and never use any harsh chemicals or cleaners, especially if any protective or decorative coating has been applied to the fountain. A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to indoor fountain care. Treat your water fountain like the work of art that it is, and you’ll be enjoying it’s beauty forever.

I need a new fountain pump, how do I know what to buy for my water fountain?

The best place to start is by looking at your old pump for a model number and size. If you don’t see this, measure your pump, you don’t want to purchase a pump that can not be fully submerged in the basin of your fountain. You also want a pump that is going to have enough power to push the water from the base of your fountain to the source that the water comes out. There are also fountain pumps that are for indoor fountains only or are approved for indoor and outdoor. Be sure that if you have an outdoor fountain the pump you are buying is approved for outdoors. You may also have the option of an on/off switch on the cord. This may be convenient so you don’t have to unplug your water fountain to turn it off. 

My fountain pump is louder than the water sounds of my water fountain, why?

The main cause of a noisy fountain pump is there is not enough water in your fountain. Be sure that water is completely covering the pump and continue to add water until the noise stops. If this does not work, check to be sure your pump is not vibrating against the fountain. If it is, try to adjust how the pump is sitting or you can place a sponge or Scotch Brite pad under your pump or alongside it depending on where it is vibrating.

Will my water fountain splash on my floor or table?

All water fountains that are approved for indoors should not splash. Typically splashing is a result of the fountain not being put together properly. The instructions that come with your water fountain will have instructions on how to properly set up your fountain. The level of water in your fountain can also be a cause for splashing. Be sure your water level is neither too low nor too high. With most fountains you can also adjust the pump to get optimal water flow. Another tip is to add some river rocks or pebbles to the basin of your water fountain to prevent splashing.

Will my water fountain have nice water sounds?

The water flow sounds of each fountain are different. Most water fountain pumps are adjustable so you can somewhat control the water sounds of your fountain by adjusting the pump. The water level in your basin also plays a role in the sound you get from the water flow of your fountain. You can also add river rocks or pebbles in the basin to lower the water sounds. If you have a specific water fountain you are considering or would like some recommendations from our fountain experts please call us at 1-888-881-4668.

Do I have to turn my water fountain off at night or when I am away?

Water fountain pumps are meant to run 24/7. It is harder on the pump if it is turned on and off continuously. You should not need to turn your fountain off as long as there is enough water in the fountain for the allotted time.

How do I clean my water fountain?

Cleaning your water fountain should be a fairly simple process. This should be done every 2-4 months depending on if you are using distilled water or hard water. When cleaning the fountain you should completely empty the water out, wipe the basin with a clean cloth or sponge, clean any rocks that are in the fountain so they are clean of algae build up, take your pump out and clean the tubing and wipe the pump clean from any algae build up as well. Put your fountain back together and add fresh water, turn it back on.

If you have a large wall fountain or large floor standing model, you may find it easier to empty the old water out of your water feature with a shop vacuum or disconnect the pump and pump the water out of the fountain.

Depending on the material of your fountain, ie: Copper, Stainless Steel, Slate, Glass etc. the cleaning instructions for each material may vary. You will find more information in Tips and Advice Center or in the manual that came with your water fountain. 

How do you install a wall fountain?

Wall fountains are easy to install and differ based on the wall mounted fountain you are looking at. Some fountains are one-piece construction so you just hang it like a picture, others require a few more steps. All of our wall fountains are built for anyone to be able to install them. Under each specific fountain you will find most of the them have complete installation instructions. If you have a specific fountain you are wondering how to install, please call us at 1-888-881-4668 and one of our fountain experts will help you.

Is there a special way of keeping a wall fountain or high-end water fountain clean?

Whether you’ve chosen a high-quality copper with a powder coated finish, or a copper vein finish over metal, it’s important to properly clean and care for the fountain. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners on your fountain, including copper cleaners. If your fountain has a powder-coat finish, the copper cleaner will remove the finish. The best and safest fountain cleaning method is to simply use Pledge or other similar furniture cleaner with a soft sponge or cloth. Don’t be alarmed if, over time, you notice white spots (otherwise known as “white scale”) on your fountain. A little bit of calcium lime remover will clear that up.

Your Wall Fountain shouldn’t require excessive cleaning, but an occasional swipe of the cloth will keep it free of dust and looking its best. After awhile, you may notice the original shine starts to fade. If that happens, a little bit of turtle wax buffed into the frame will restore the fountain’s vitality.

What is the warranty on these water fountains?

The warranty on each water fountain depends on the fountain. Typically, there is a one year warranty. If you have a specific fountain you need warranty details about please call us at 1-888-881-4668.

Does my water fountain come with a pump? What do I need to make my fountain work?

All water fountains should come with a fountain pump. The only thing you need to provide is the water!

Do I need a water line coming in for my wall fountain?

No, you do not need a water line for most water fountains. With some large wall fountains and floor standing fountains you do have the option of having us add an autofill and drain feature to your fountain. This is also available on custom fountains. To learn more about autofill and drain options please call us at 1-888-881-4668 and talk to one of our water fountain experts.

How do I plug my wall fountain in?  Do I need a recessed outlet?

This will depend on what wall fountain you are purchasing. Some wall fountains are made to not need a recessed outlet and some do. All fountains need a 110V outlet to plug in to. Some have one cord and some have 2, one for the light and one for the pump. Please call us at 1-888-881-4668 to talk about the wall fountain that best suits you.

How do I decide what size wall fountain or free standing fountain I should be looking for?

There are many options when it comes to large fountains. You will first want to measure the total space you have for the fountain, be sure to consider height, width and depth. Wall fountains come in standard sizes or we can do any custom size wall or floor standing fountain that you wish. If you have some flexibility a standard product in the wall fountain section might be just the fit for you. If you wish to go custom, visit the custom fountain section for some great examples.

Click here for specific information on Outdoor Fountain Care and be sure to read our Definitive Guide to Fountain Care!


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