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Outdoor Hammocks & Stands: Buy One Today & Start Relaxing In No Time!

Hammock with Stands: The Perfect Solution for a Portable Hammock

Portability and Style

Outdoor hammocks with stands are a simple solution for those who want freestanding flexibility to move around their backyard or garden. Single, double and stand set hammocks are available. Choose your favorite color and style. It’s the healthy way to enjoy fresh air and the serene sounds of nature that will de-stress your day. Our products make great gifts for homeowners and friends or family who love to spend days at the beach or park. A portable hammock is also a popular alternative to a cot or an ordinary sleeping bag to take along on a camping trip.

Even if your backyard is otherwise completely empty, you can still relax in style with this combo. By ordering a freestanding hammock set, you can set up wherever you want in your yard, garden, or patio. You can set it up inside as well for the winter months or as a replacement for your bed. We carry all styles, including Mayan, Brazilian, rope-made, spreader-bar versions and quilted options. Hammock stands up to 15 feet long are available so that even the tallest people can spread out on a lazy summer day. Each base is made of powder-coated tubular steel that is strong and durable, yet light enough for a single person to move easily.

Purchasing a hammock—with a handy frame included—from Serenity Health & Home Decor means you won’t need a tree from which to hang your haven. Your lounging area also becomes portable. Move your relaxing oasis into the sun or the shade to enjoy the outdoors. We have a beautiful collection of hammock styles by leading makers, including our exclusive Sunnydaze brand. And assembly is quick and simple so you can unwind.

The sets from Sunnydaze Decor include quilted and hand-woven styles featuring either 12-foot or 15-foot stands with weight capacities ranging from 250 pounds to 400 pounds. That means some of these styles can even handle two or even three inhabitants at the same time. Sunnydaze makes designs with drink holders and pillows so that you can truly feel like you are living in the lap of luxury. These combos include many varieties of stripe patterns and solid colors. The DeLuxe American-style two-person hammock with spreader bars and a 15-foot frame has thick nylon ends and loops for enhanced longevity. It can be hung between trees, as well.

Be sure to browse our entire selection to find a huge variety of different hammocks with stands. Each different size, shape and style comes with its very own hammock stand, which makes these sets incredibly convenient to install. You can opt for a two-person hammock with a stand or a one-person hammock with a stand set. All of our different styles come in hammock and stand sets to ensure that you can place your new purchase anywhere you’d like.

Available Styles

  • Mayan hammock: These vibrant Mayan styles are handmade in Mexico. Each one is unique and no two are alike. That’s why we have frames in a variety of colors. You can find the one that fits perfectly with your one-of-a-kind Mayan oasis.
  • Spreader bar hammock: Spreader bar styles are perfect with stands. They allow the flexibility to move as well as the sturdiness that a tree may not offer. Find these sets in many colors and stripe options.
  • Rope hammocks: These rope designs look great and offer comfort and durability. Most rope styles will also have the wooden spreader bar so the surface keeps it shape.
  • Brazilian hammock: Experience the warmth of a Brazilian design anywhere.
  • Quilted hammocks with stands: Many of our quilted designs come with stands included.

Chairs and Swing Kits

Our catalog stands that are designed to turn your hammock into a chair are perfect for an apartment. They can also be used to create a swing that’s just right for a front porch or deck. Our chairs and swings are durable, easy to assemble and portable. We also carry wheels that attach to the stand for easy rearranging.

Contact Serenity Health & Home Décor

Be sure to see our entire selection of outdoor hammocks to find the perfect one for you. Consult our hammock buying guide or contact our customer service representatives for assistance finding a comfortable hammock at the lowest price. With headquarters near the lakes and forests of Northern Wisconsin, the staff at our U.S.-based company enjoys taking a serene break in a hammock, too.



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