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Hammock Stands

If you aren’t one of the lucky few that have their trees perfectly placed in the yard to accommodate a hammock, do not fear. We've got you covered — no matter what kind of stand you need.

Sturdy Beam Steel Stands

Available in multiple color options and 12’ or 15’ sizes, these platforms are the best options for spreader bar or Mayan-styles. Use with available chains to create the perfect fit from the hammock to the frame.

A lightweight stand by Sunnydaze Decor with steel beam construction can accommodate up to 350 lbs. (12') or 400 lbs. (15'). These steel beam styles, which include two hooks to hang your hammock on, are made from 1.5" square and 1.75" round steel tube frame for ultimate durability. The light weight makes setup easy — it also makes it possible for you to reposition your hammock stand in a different spot.

Brazilian/Universal Frames

The perfect pairing for Brazilian styles, these stands offer multiple settings for the end loops so you can find just the right fit — if your hammock stretches you have wiggle room and adjustability.

The Brazilian lightweight base by Sunnydaze Decor saves space and comes with a portable carrying case. It requires no tools for assembly and comes with five adjustable settings so that hammocks as small as 10' or as large as 12.5' can be accommodated.

Adjustable Frames

These frames are engineered to accommodate most hammock types, so you can swap different styles throughout the season without having to change the frame.

Sunnydaze adjustable lightweight constructions come in free-standing and heavy-duty configurations. This free-standing style will fit most styles, and the heavy-duty adjustable design provides better stability than that of a traditional C-frame. Its arc-and-arch design makes hanging chairs and their occupants more stable, and it takes up less space than a regular hanging chair design.

Use for Camping

Lightweight and durable, this frame is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, beach-goers and more.


Chair Frames

You can easily hang your chair or swing on one of these C-stands if you do not have a tree near your outdoor space. These also work great if you are interested in using your chair indoors and do not want to put any holes in the wall. Hanging chair frames can also make your swing portable and easy to move from place to place.


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