Why Teak Furniture Makes a Great Choice for Outdoors

Shopping for teak outdoor furniture makes you feel sophisticated. Teak has a reputation for being the finest outdoor furniture available. It has been featured at luxury resorts for generations. Anyone who has visited a premiere resort can attest to their long-lasting beauty and charm.

Furniture in teak wood is beautiful and will truly be a choice you will not regret.  If you like the look of wood patio furniture but don’t want a wood so susceptible to rotting and discoloring every time it gets wet, the best choice for your patio is teak

Create a teak patio with this durable, beautiful furniture outdoors!  The amazing properties of teak make it the perfect candidate for patio and garden furniture. Natural oils not only repel water, but continually moisturize the wood, ensuring its longevity.  Teak is a renewable resource thus makes for a perfect way to accent your outdoor living space with it! Today's teak farms plant and harvest in carefully-planned cycles. This process makes it affordable enough for the average family and ensures its status for generations to come.

Teakwood is waterproof. Unlike most woods, the natural oils in teak do not dissipate after cutting. Teakwood oils infuse the wood with waterproofing and fungicidal properties that protect it for generations. Museums have examples of teakwood carvings dating back thousands of years that still exhibit the remarkable oil retention properties of this wood..

Teak is also remarkable in that it retains a comfortable temperature in both cool and hot weather.  Teak chairs and loungers that sit in the sun seldom become overheated. Except during the earliest morning hours, their temperature remains constant.

Teak outside furniture will either be honey colored or slightly reddish when it arrives.  Teak that is allowed to age naturally turns grey, then silver-grey. This beautiful patina provides a charm all its own. Some prefer the color of freshly-cut teak. Its original honey color can be maintained by seasonally treating the wood with teak oil and refinishing it. The topical application of the oil infuses the upper strata with the same oils that are circulating a millimeter below the cut surface. Although lacquers and hard finishes are sometimes applied, choosing one that is approved for marine applications seems most fitting. Throughout the years, marinas have devised finishes that penetrate the upper strata without flaking and peeling.

Sadly, teakwood can absorb environmental pollutants. To keep it from turning black from airborne impurities, a yearly power-wash, (at 900 to 1200 psi), from a distance of 6 to 8 feet is advised.  Yearly cleaning with a hose or power washer set on the lowest setting, (and used from 6 feet away), removes the dust and airborne pollutants that can become entrapped in the grain. Remember never to aim water against the grain. It can damage the wood fibers. Teak Oil is perfect for refinishing teak outdoor furniture as well.

It is advisable to cover your patio furniture with covers during winter, and whenever possible, store it in an unheated shed or garage. Although teak tolerates cold temperatures well, thaw/freeze cycles might cause it to split. (Note that small splits naturally occur on teak as it ages. These tiny expansions are normal and add to the beauty of aged teak).