Water Fountains and Waterfalls

Choosing an indoor waterfall is no easy task. Water fountains are so stunning, you want to be sure to pick the right one to accentuate your space. Drown out the noise and soak up these tips.

Tip #1: Decorate Today with a Water Fountain

I need a home makeover!  What are some reasons for adding a indoor fountains?  Fountains have become very popular for decorating indoors and out.  A couple of my favorite reasons for choosing an indoor waterfall as opposed to another piece of wall art is that besides looking beautiful, they provide relaxation which of course promotes healthy living.  Aside from that they are unique and make an impression to everyone who comes into your home. 

Another great reason to consider a fountain in your home is that they humidify the air.  Whether you are considering a tabletop style or wall waterfall fountain you will notice that as the water evaporates from the fountain it is providing moisture in your home.  These are just a couple reasons why I feel a fountain should be considered.  You can also read our Water Fountain Benefits now.

Tip #2: Indoor Fountains Can Fill That Space

I have a space that needs something, when should I consider an indoor water fountain?  Water fountains are constantly growing in popularity.  Years ago they used to be common in courtyards as large tiered stone fountains with a big basin that everyone threw their lucky pennies in.  Today, we have evolved to indoor fountains being a popular, unique decorating piece for homes and offices.  The choices you have in indoor fountains seem to becoming more and more and you can now find them for wall, tables and floors.

One place I like to see a fountain is in the corner of a living room or to separate one area from another.  Imagine a free standing piece of art that not only decorated but provided relaxing water sounds too?  There is a very beautiful waterfall fountain that is affordable and practical with wonderful water sounds.  The Gardenfall waterfall is available is 6 or 8 foot models so it truly does look spectacular in an entrance way, as a room divider or in the corner of your living room.

Tip #3: Indoor Fountains will Bring Beauty

Can I use a fountain as a decorating piece in place of art?  Of course, an indoor waterfall is truly a piece of art, an art with benefits really!  You will find that not only does an waterfall bring beauty, many interior designers and architects are utilizing them to bring the beauty into a home or office area as well as utilizing them as air humidifiers, drowning out annoying noises and as a conversation piece and advertising piece for businesses.  With all the options of materials, sizes and sounds, an indoor fountain will soon become your favorite piece of art in  your home!

Tip #4: Indoor Water Fountains for a Good Night's Sleep

Can an indoor waterfall create the kind of white noise I need to get a good night's sleep? There are people who must shut out all noise and light before they’re able to sleep properly, and then there are those people who need to have some sort of white noise humming in the background. It’s often easier to block out all light and noise than it is to find something that offers the perfect background noise to a good night’s sleep.

People use a variety of things as white noise including fans running in the background, leaving the television on to sleep, leaving the radio on low, or by purchasing continuous relaxation CD’s, sound machines, ocean, or sounds-of-nature CD’s.

However, the perfect way to incorporate white noise into your bedroom is to buy a good quality water fountain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desk water fountain, a floor model, or a hanging wall fountain. What matters is that the fountain give off the perfect amount of “noise.” Make sure the pump is the right size for the fountain, and that the water fountain is placed in the right proximity to your bed.

A good night’s sleep is important for our overall health and well-being. If purchasing an indoor waterfall is going to help you get that good night’s sleep on a regular basis, than go ahead and make that investment in your health.

Tip #5: Creating a Place for Teens

Should I create a special room designed for my teenager to help him relax? If indoor rock waterfalls have always interested you, now’s the time to buy one. At one time, only the very wealthy could afford a water fountain. Now there are styles and sizes for every budget. Whether small or large, indoor waterfalls work magical wonders in releasing stress and tension.

Everybody experiences stress and tension in their lives, including (perhaps especially) teenagers. The world is a high-energy, highly electronic, instant-messaging place. Teens and young adults should be discovering who they are, taking some time to go within so that they have a better sense of who they are as people, and what they want to make of themselves.

The one place that they should be able to relax in is the home. Help them do this by creating a room meant simply for relaxing. It’s not a place for loud music, loud talk, television, video games, or cell phones. Instead, make it the room where you install your water fountain. For furniture, add only some beanbag chairs, or hammock chairs. Make it really low-key and ultra-inviting for the teenager/young adult. Make a few ground rules. For example, music is allowed, but only relaxation CD’s or easy listening music.

When teens have a place they can go to relax, a safe spot within their own homes to just be themselves, you’ll begin to see emotional maturity sooner rather than later in that teen’s life.

Tip #6: From Television to New Indoor Waterfall

How can I improve my family/entertainment room? Here’s an idea that may be a bit controversial for some: take the television out of the main entertaining area and install an indoor waterfall. Entertaining should be a time to connect with friends and family, sharing stories, good food and drinks together. Instead of having the television blaring in the background, competing for attention, take it out of the room completely. It doesn’t mean you have to give up television completely; in fact, you can just move it to another room.

Once the television is out of the room, the wall is going to seem awfully barren. This is when you should start shopping for the perfect indoor water fountain. You can get them in ceramic, copper, stainless steel and other materials such as lightweight fiberglass. If you’re using to seeing a huge flat screen television on your wall, a wall mounted water fountain might be a good substitute. Your eye will naturally roam to that part of the wall, but instead of seeing the television, it’ll take in the beauty and natural water sounds of your new indoor waterfall.

It’s not easy making changes, but this type of change could help bring you closer to your friends and family.

Tip #7: Making the Pick - Choosing an Indoor Waterfall

Should I hire a contractor to help me build an indoor waterfall? If you’ve been thinking about building an indoor waterfall for your home or business, don’t put yourself through the headache. Why build your own when Serenity Health & Home Decor has such beautiful options as the Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain? This classic style water feature is of contemporary shape and style. It has gorgeous glass panels, is rated for all weather conditions, and can be used indoor or out. 

This type of indoor waterfall is particularly useful for people who don’t have large wall spaces, or spots dedicated to a hanging wall water fountain. The Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain is just that…a floor fountain. For businesses, this fountain can be placed wherever it will make the greatest impact. In homes, this type of water fountain can be used anywhere. 

You don’t have to settle for a stock water fountain either. If you’re having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, contact us with assistance in customizing a style that meets your needs. 

Indoor waterfalls like the Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain should be considered investments. Just as you’d take the time to purchase the perfect art piece for your home or business, you should also take the same careful consideration when buying an indoor waterfall.