Wall Hanging Water Fountain Buying Guide

Wall Mounted Water Feature Ideas & Tips from the Experts

Water fountains offer many environmental and health benefits. The water sounds they produce can help drown out unwanted background noise or even just the basic stresses from a long day. The water they circulate and recirculate can also act, in part, as a humidifier which will help keep your throat and skin from becoming dry, or the air from being too uncomfortable.

However, there isn’t always floor or ground space to place a fountain, which is where a wall fountain can come in handy. Wall fountains are hung from the wall and produce all of the benefits of a traditional freestanding or tabletop fountain without taking up the floor or table space.

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Common Structure of a Wall Fountain

A wall fountain consists of many parts, and while some parts may vary by manufacturer and model, some of the most common parts included in a wall fountain are:


  1. Hood: top of the fountain which covers where the water falls over the fountain’s face.
  2. Mounting hardware: the screws and brackets used as the main support of the fountain, at least one of which should be mounted to a stud.
  3. Water Distribution System: a system located in the top of the fountain that helps evenly spread water over the fountain face.
  4. Lights: usually halogen or LED as they are energy efficient and long-lasting.
  5. Basin: holds water and the water fountain pump.
  6. Water pump: circulates water from the basin up to the water distribution system.
  7. Water tubing: originates from the water pump and is what runs water up to the distribution system.
  8. Fountain Face: the front of the fountain where water streams down.
  9. Frame: the area around the perimeter of the fountain.



Wall fountains come in a few different styles and shapes. First, you should decide whether you would prefer an indoor wall fountain or an outdoor wall fountain. Styles include contemporary, modern, traditional, nature and animal-themed fountains.



Currently popular water fountain trends - A selection of fountains that are currently "in style" and fit in with the current design trends. 

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Pieces that fit into any classic interior design.  Normally include timeless works of art that will never go out of style.

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Nature Theme

Many feature animals and plants as the focal point.  They can also be made from a variety of materials such as stone or resin.

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Created by artisans with many talents.  Some paint images on the fountain and some mold the fountain out of beautiful metals.

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Wall hanging fountains have a variety of material options including copper, glass or mirror, stainless steel, marble, granite, slate, and lightweight slate as well as specialty materials such as resin. With all of these choices, it is easy to find one to complement your home’s decor.  Many models allow for you to choose the fountain face material as well as the frame.

>Frame Materials

blackened-copper.jpg copper-patina.jpg rustic-copper.jpg


You can choose from Blackened Copper, Copper Patina, and Rustic Copper. Blackened copper is painted black to give it an antique look. For the Rustic Copper or Copper Patina they use fire to give the copper a more interesting design while adding a slight patina. In some instances, copper selections may have an up-charge for the premium grade materials.

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stainless1.jpg stainless2.jpg stainless4.jpg

Stainless Steel

Easy to clean and looks effortlessly modern in any home or office setting. This superior metal will reflect light and will not tarnish or stain over time.  Keep in mind that stainless steel options may or may not have an upcharge for the premium materials.

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antique-bronze-copper-vein.jpg dark-copper-silver-metallic.jpg textured-black-woodland-brown.jpg

Powder Coated Steel

This option is usually less expensive than the other options and easier to fix scratches that may occur over time. Colors include: antique bronze, copper vein, dark copper, silver metallic, textured black, and woodland brown.

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rauamoko-copper40.jpg apache-glass40.jpg persephone40.jpg

Natural Stone

Stone frames give a fountain a natural, high-end look with all of the colors and textures of the stones used. Every piece is unique because of the color and texture variances in the stones used.  Slate and tiles are the materials generally used for stone frames but others such as marble, granite and shale have been seen as well.

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>Face Materials

silver-mirror.jpg bronze-mirror2.jpg mirror-vinyl.jpg


These offer a very modern and reflective design. Choose between bronze or silver mirror color. Also, mirror faces allow for vinyl decals or sandblasting with a family name or a company logo.

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copper-tree401.jpg copper-waves40.jpg copper-waterfall40.jpg


Fountains with copper faces tend to be much more artistic in nature.  Artisans use the natural oxidation properties of the copper to create wonderful works of art.  Copper is a classic option that can provide a rustic yet complex scheme. 

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jeera-slate1.jpg rajah-slate1.jpg green-slate1.jpg


Slate is one of the most natural and unique materials to incorporate into interior design.  It features a wide range of colors and textures that create one-of-a-kind focal points when used for fountains.  Enjoy bringing a part of nature inside while keeping a contemporary feel to the room.  Some slates have names such as Jeera, Rajah and green and are categorized by location found and colors.  Choose to add a sandblasted or painted design for a small additional cost.

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Granite is one of the hardest stones available.  It is also very abundant so naturally it is a great material to use in decor.  Black granite is the most popular type in the fountain world however other colors have been used as well. 

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brown-marble1.jpg green-marble1.jpg black-marble1.jpg


Marble is one of the most luxurious building materials so it only makes sense to incorporate it into a wall fountain design.  Depending on the area collected, marble can vary in colors quite a bit.  Above we have brown rainforest, green rainforest, and black spider marble.  Marble is cut smooth so the water gently rolls down the surface creating a calming sound.  You may also choose to sandblast or paint a design on the marble surface for a small fee.

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creation-art1.jpg butterfly-painting1.jpg blues-artistic1.jpg


Every wall fountain featured here has an artistic flare, but some designers go above and beyond by creating visual masterpieces.  These feature hand-painted artwork behind the flowing water.  The water flows down the painting's surface further enhancing the wall art.  Custom artwork can also be created just for your fountain design if you wish. 

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rajah-featherstone1.jpg green-featherstone1.jpg black-featherstone1.jpg

Lightweight Slate

Lightweight slate is a thin material that is designed to look like slate but is much easier to install. SlateTech is a popular lightweight slate option that is made with sheer layers of real Indian Slate. The layer for the fountain is then fused to a lightweight composite material that then goes through the same chipped edge technique as natural slate slabs.  This option reduces weight by 90%.  Another lightweight option is FeatherStone Slate, a slate veneer that can be framed with the metal of your choice. FeatherStone Slate cuts the fountain weight down by almost 70%.  Color options are similar to the regular slate options.

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florentine-florence1.jpg iron-lion1.jpg lead-rosette1.jpg

Resin or Fiberglass

Fiberglass and resin makes it possible to make extremely detailed sculptures that are inexpensive, durable and beautiful. A wide range of styles and designs are available.  Typically made for outdoor use because of weather resistance.

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Logos and Engraving

Some associations decide to further enhance their corporate wall fountain with some brand exposure.  You can do this by sandblasting or overlaying a vinyl design onto the fountain face.  The image of water flowing over your company logo or slogan will surely make a great centerpiece in your company's lobby.  Families choose this option as well to customize their water fountain with names, meaningful scriptures or sayings.  The options are endless.  NOTE: This option does come with a small up-charge.

    • Cost: $495+


    • Embedding methods: sandblasting, painting, or vinyl overlay


    • Viable fountain faces: marble, mirror, slate, granite, and lightweight slate


    • Uses: corporate branding, custom home decor, and design emphasis


    • What you need: preferably a vector-based .EPS file of the design, but Serenity Health can help you create the design from scratch if needed.



See more logo samples here> >




Size and Shape

The size of wall fountains range from 14 inches wide by 25 inches high, to 120 inches wide by 69 inches high. You can also choose fountains with multiple panels. The fountains with multiple panels have 2-4 panels of glass, slate or mirror, etc., and the frame surrounds each panel.


painters-tape-measurement.jpg cardboard-measuring.jpg post-it-note-measure.jpg

While most fountains are at least 5-9 inches deep, you also need to take the width and height of the fountain into consideration; there are a few methods you can go about doing this. Using some sort of material to map out the outline of the fountain on your wall is the best way to get a sense of where to place your fountain and how much space it will take up. You can use painter’s tape, a piece of cardboard cut to the size of the fountain, or even sticky notes to ensure you will place your fountain in just the right location, the first time without damaging your wall.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Wall fountains typically come in horizontal or vertical orientation. Horizontal fountains can be placed higher up on the wall and hold more water. This means that horizontal fountains do not need to be refilled as often as vertical fountains. Vertical fountains, however, are great for tall, skinny wall spaces that are in need of a special accent.




To some, brand name products are the only way to ensure trust and reliability in a product.  Brand name water fountains are no different.  There are some advantages of buying the name brands including the great warranties they offer and the unique styles.  Below are a few of the biggest brands in the wall hanging water feature industry.


Sunnydaze Decor is a manufacturer of quality home and garden products. We travel the globe to find the best, most innovative and beautiful products. Our goal is to provide you with products that truly calm, relax and bring peacefulness and beauty into your home both indoors and out. Our talented designers create end products using a high-quality manufacturing process and materials that leave you, the valued customer, with a beautiful addition to your home. 

We have been in business since 2006 and we stand behind our brand with a 1 year warranty on all of our products. We will send new parts, or replace products at our discretion within the warranty period. Before we can help, you will need to provide proof of purchase with the date of purchase and photos of the defective merchandise. We will use the photos to determine the cause of defect and for future quality control.

Click to see the Sunnydaze catalog>>


Adagio wall fountains are ideal for commercial use as well as home use for stylish impact.  All of these features come with gorgeous slate, marble or glass panels, and high quality clear coat copper frames with a beautiful patina or a beautiful stainless steel frame. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, and they offer a choice of slate color, rounded or square edges and frame material. 

Adagio offers a 1 year warranty on their fountains. They will, at their discretion, replace or repair defective components in their fountains. For warranty services please contact them via phone or fax (do not ship the item back) at Phone: (801) 255-9484; Fax: (801) 255-0894.

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Bluworld has been crafting quality pre-built fountains since 1997 and each one is built with the same attention to design and quality as their custom features. The Water Walls are a must see for any commercial or even home setting. They offer many options of size, finish and material and custom water features.

Bluworld offers a six-month warranty on their fountains. To make a warranty claim contact them via email at customerservice@bluworldusa.com, phone: 888-499-5433 or 407-426-7674, or fax: 407-426-7721.

Click to view BluWorld's catalog here>>


Harvey Gallery Art fountains are one-of-kind, mesmerizing treats for the eyes and ears. With each art water fountain, the stunning fine art picture is hand painted on the back of a strong, high-tech clear acrylic panel call Lexan, and finished with a sealant to give complete protection against water and dampness. The acrylic panel is securely set within a heat finished copper frame and basin.

Harvey Gallery has a one year warranty on the pumps in their fountains. To contact them for a claim via phone call: 215-794-5578, fax 215-794-5068 or write Harvey Gallery, Route 202 - Box 207, Lahaska, PA 18931.

Click for a full look at Harvey Gallery's fountain line>> 


Installation and Maintenance


First and foremost, always read and follow the installation instructions that come from the manufacturer for your specific fountain. Typically you will need a screwdriver, level, drill and drill bits, tape measure, pencil and some towels.

Next, make sure that there is a power outlet within a few feet of the fountain. We recommend installing a recessed outlet right behind the fountain to ensure all the cords can be easily hidden. At install also be sure to drive at least one screw in the mounting bracket into a stud.

Keep in mind that it is important to check that the fountain is level before installing the mounting brackets. If the fountain is not level, the water will not flow properly.


When cleaning your wall fountain always read the directions from the manufacturer prior to beginning. Generally, cleaning your fountain regularly by removing the water, wiping out the basin and other parts as well as cleaning the pump will help extend the life of your fountain.

Check out our CLEANING GUIDE for more information on how to clean your wall fountain.

Below is a video from Adagio showing how to clean your wall fountain:




Using distilled water in your fountain will help reduce scale buildup. To prevent algae and white scale buildup there are some add-ins that you can put in the water. These include Fountec, or Protec.  Fountec will take care of the algae, and Protec will help prevent white scale.


Author: Chuck Gregorich