Wall Fountain Tips

Indoor wall fountains do so much more than just add a sophisticated flair to your abode. Find out how a fountain will help you sell your house, bring beauty to your home and how they are used in offices to soothe customers minds, advertise your business and act as a conversation piece.

Tip #1: Creating a Soothing Sound with Indoor Wall Fountains

Believe it or not, indoor wall fountains can help you accomplish relaxation this year!  It is true, by adding one to your home you are not only bringing a beautiful art piece into your living spaces but you are creating a soothing ambiance that will quickly help you relax and relieve stress.

Wall fountains are available in so many styles that you will have not problem finding one that matches your decor perfectly.  Another benefit of an indoor fountain is the relaxation and stress relief they provide.  You will be able to think of nothing more than relaxing than sitting next to it with a book or de-stressing after a long day.  The sounds are amazing and the beauty will continue to amaze for years to come.

Tip #2: Wall Fountain Uses, Best Placement

I have decided I need a wall fountain, where to put it?  Wall fountains are so versatile and will quickly become your favorite wall art piece you own.  They have gotten so popular the last few years and interior designers just love to utilize them in their designs!  So, where to place them?  Some common places are larger entrance ways, living room and dining room walls, bedroom walls and commercial offices.

If you are trying to decide where in your home to place a wall fountain try visualizing by placing sticky notes on your wall where the corners may be.  This can help you decide how large you want the fountain to be.  Of course color and material will matter as well.  There are so many beautiful options you will find choices such as copper, antiqued copper and stainless steel.  You will also see you have face choices of slate, marble, lightweight slate and glass.  Each creates a different look so if you are looking at rustic or contemporary, you are sure to find the perfect fit. 

If you are looking for a commercial fountain in your business, we find they are very commonplace in lobby's, waiting rooms, patient rooms, massage rooms and conference rooms.  You will be amazed at how a wall fountain can calm and relax your customers as well as improve employee morale.

Wherever you decide to place yours you are sure to enjoy it for many years to come.  The water sounds you will find will truly soothe your mind and body and the sheer beauty will instantly decorate! 

Tip #3: A Wall Fountain can be a Sign to Advertise your Business

How do I stand out in the crownd?  These days as businesses strive to stand out in the crowd, many are turning to unique ideas and added benefits to lure customers in the door.  Whether you are a dentist, chiropractor, spa, hospital, bank or law office an indoor wall fountain may be the perfect solution.  Not only will the beauty of a wall fountain get customers talking, the soothing water sounds will allow their stresses to melt away and bring them to a tranquil place they will never forget.  Even better, let the wall fountain do your advertising for you.  With your engraved logo on the face of the fountain, it is the perfect piece for the entry to your business, behind the reception desk or in a lobby or waiting room.  Incorporate an indoor wall fountain in your office today, you will be amazed at the reaction you get.

Tip #4: Turn Off the Music and Turn Up the Wall Fountain Volume

Wouldn't it be just as nice if my massage therapist shut the relaxation music off and turned on a wall fountain instead? The droning, endless supply of relaxation music gets old after a while, especially if you’ve been going to the same massage therapist for a while. Often times the masseuse is so used to the music and he doesn’t hear it anymore. That leaves you cringing at the thought of having to live through another hour of the same gentle flute sounds yet again. Sure, the massage therapy is wonderful, but the music has become monotonous. 

The solution is a wall water fountain. Slate face wall fountains are especially suited to the massage therapist’s office/clinic. The water gushes gently over the natural slate, creating a mountain rain effect. Instead of listening to the same old CD, mention hanging wall fountains to your massage therapist. Why play a CD of ocean and rain sounds when you can have the real thing, in real time?

Even a smaller floor fountain would serve its purpose well. If there is foot traffic beyond the massage therapist’s office door, indoor wall fountains or floor models go a long way in hushing out those unwanted noises.

The next time you’re in for a massage, bring up the topic of hanging wall fountains and make sure to talk up the benefits of those natural, soothing sounds.

Tip #6: Celebrating the Purchase of Your New Hanging Wall Fountains
Where should I hang my indoor wall fountain to make it visible to as many guests as possible? Some people love to entertain, taking any excuse that comes along to have a party. What better excuse to invite all of the friends, family, and neighbors over than to see your new wall water fountain? Contemporary wall water fountains make a spectacular addition to the home, so don’t be shy about sending out the invitations. Have a wine and cheese get-together, but don’t play loud music! You want your guests to experience the gentle sounds of waterfalls, the same sounds you’ll now get to appreciate every day. Your friends will be jealous!

Chances are, you’ve been looking at that certain place in your home and scratching your head. You’ve known for a long time that the place was missing something, but you didn’t know what it was. Then you realized that what you needed was a wall fountain. A framed mirror wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, standard photographs and hanging plaques didn’t meet your style, but a hanging wall fountain would be perfect. 

The only thing more perfect than indoor wall fountains is the excuse to socialize around it as much as possible with friends and family. Make sure to install your fountain somewhere conducive to socializing such as the dining room or living area. To get the biggest response from friends, install it on wall space that isn’t over-crowded. The sophisticated look, feel, and sound of your new wall fountain doesn’t need any competition. It’s great all by itself (with your family and friends around, of course).

Tip #7: Increasing the Value of Your Home With An Indoor Wall Fountain

Will an indoor wall fountain help sell my home? There’s no question about it -- some of the most magnificent hanging wall fountains are expensive. However, if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, purchasing one can go a long way in increasing the value of your home. How big is your entrance way? Is it big enough to accommodate a medium to large fountain? If so, start shopping. Greeting potential buyers with the soothing sound of cascading water will add immediate saleability to your home.

Because some contemporary wall water fountains can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, the price may seem out of reach. If you’re serious about selling the house, any profit you make will easily pay off the fountain. In the meantime, it might be worth it to take out a personal loan in order to up the value of the home. Some caution should be exercised, however. Watch the interest rate of the loan and be sure you can comfortably make loan payments while waiting for the home to sell. 

A garden fountain might be enough to get traffic to slow down long enough to notice the house, but a cascading indoor wall fountain could be the deal clincher.

Tip #8: Wall Fountain Decor

Should I add decoration to my new hanging wall fountain? It’s tempting to want to add decorative touches to the new wall fountain that graces your entrance. Depending on the style, it might be easy to go over-the-top without even realizing it. If you’re purchasing a hanging wall fountain here at Serenity Health & Home Decor, you were no doubt offered a variety of options, leaving your wall fountain with a look unique to you and your home. Color, style, protective coatings, clear glass, etched glass, or even a specially chosen work of art embedded within really diminish the need to add additional decoration.

Wall fountain décor could include accessories that come with the fountain. For example, personalized stones (small to large) can be purchased and added to give unique personality to your stone wall fountains. Nestling wall mounted fountains between wall sconces holding hanging plants would look nice, but probably isn’t necessary. There’s something so inherently beautifully simple about indoor wall fountains that jazzing them up too much create the opposite effect you were looking for. 

On a particularly large wall, a hanging fountain that isn’t quite to scale might look a little off. If that happens, adding some simple frames in a diagonal pattern beside the wall fountain might help add a little interest. However, in general, it will be beautiful enough all by itself.

Tip #9: Your Wall Fountain Heirloom

Can my family customize a wall fountain to create our own signature brand or look?  They are gorgeous, give an air of accomplishment and prestige, and command respect. Banks go bold with wall fountains; hospitals go holistic with wall fountains. Every business has a good reason and a great way to display a contemporary wall fountain.  Some encompass an entire wall. There’s no splash or mess, and each has usually been chosen with particular care, making sure they fit the company’s signature look.
What’s your signature look? If you’re interested in investing in a world-class wall water fountain, you can pick and choose the precise look you want. Hanging wall fountains can be customized with your own particular brand. Have your family’s names, birthdates, special dates to remember, quotes, prayers, or poetry engraved or etched right into the wall fountain glass or slate. Don’t expect to be able to do this with regular floor fountain models, desk fountains, or garden fountains. By going for the top-of-the-line hanging wall fountains, you’ll be afforded the luxury of making it truly your own. If that sounds like your style, take a little time as a family to discuss the perfect signature look.
Something this big, bold, and beautiful should be thought of as an investment. You’re not just buying a fountain, you’re creating an heirloom. With a little maintenance and care, your new wall fountain should last for generations.  Shop now for a huge variety!