Tabletop Fountain Tips

Enjoy these fun tips made to get your ideas flowing about what you can do with a small or large tabletop fountain!  Tabletop fountains make great gifts for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and any other event as they add a revitalizing essence to your relationship. Here are some great suggestions on buying fountains that bring a taste of Tuscany to the home and the multi-tasking virtues of life!

Tip #1: Easy Desktop Fountain Maintenance

How much work is required with a desktop table fountain?  Desk fountains are super easy to clean and maintain, requiring nothing more than a regular water change and the swipe of a clean cloth. Indoor desktop fountains are under your nose all day and, as a result, you’re going to notice the minute the water starts to get a little murky. If you were to let the water completely evaporate, the pump would burn out. So, even if you’re completely averse to fountain maintenance, it’s going to be necessary to replace the water in your desktop table fountain every once in a while. 

Changing the water in your desktop fountain is quick and easy, requiring just a quick visit to the water cooler or tap. You could slip an enzyme into the water to prevent algae build-up, but changing the water regularly will take care of any water scum accumulation. 

Did you buy a desktop water fountain for a boss or co-worker? If so, remember to keep an eye on it while they’re away on business or vacation. Just some simple, basic maintenance will keep the fountain working properly and will keep you in your boss’s good graces.

Tip #2: Slate Tabletop Water Fountains

Why didn't I get the exact color I ordered with my slate tabletop fountain? What you see isn’t necessarily what you get, and that’s a good thing; at least when it comes to a slate tabletop fountain. Slate is a natural material with its own natural shades and hues. Typical natural slate will range from earthy tones to reds to blacks and greens. It demonstrates the uniqueness of slate tabletop fountains.

Slate tabletop fountains come in just about any style and size you can imagine. There are whimsical, fun tabletop fountains perfect for your personal office, and sleek, elegant designs that are perfect for homes that have large foyers. Imagine that long stark corridor you walk down every day. Maybe it’s in your home, or maybe it’s in your office building. Where ever it is, the space could probably use a little perking up. If that’s the case, a table top fountain like the natural slate Aqueduct Tabletop Fountain would make a huge difference. The base, which is filled with natural stones, accepts the persistent flow of water from the fountain’s six different tier levels.

Keep in mind when ordering any slate tabletop fountain that the colors chosen might vary slightly than what you originally had in mind. Your new tabletop water fountain will still be beautiful, but as nature tends to do, it may take on a life of its own. That includes the way color is interpreted onto the natural slate.

Tip #3: Portable Tabletop Fountains

How portable are ceramic tabletop fountains?  A ceramic tabletop fountain should be more than just water and rocks. In order to really bring balance (or feng shui) to your home or office, look for a fountain that includes pieces of nature. Bamboo, wood, slate, and smoothly polished stones work nicely together, incorporating balance.

Of course, your new ceramic fountain doesn’t have to be used in the office. You can use it at home in some unique ways. For yoga practitioners, setting up a ceramic tabletop fountain near the mat is an easy, practical way to bring peace and calm. They are easy to move around the home, making them the perfect choice for people on the move. Yoga instructors, for example, could easily bring battery operated tabletop fountains to individual classes.

The important thing to remember when purchasing a fountain is their portability. With a little imagination, that ceramic  fountain can find new homes wherever you might travel.

Tip #4:  Rewarding Work with Tabletop Fountains

Is it appropriate to introduce table top water fountains into my place of work? Work really can be more than a place to own a paycheck. Sometimes it takes a little personal touch to bring the workplace to life. That could mean contributing to a monthly dessert party or it might even mean purchasing a small table top fountain that everyone can enjoy.

Waterfall tabletop fountains grace the desks of many office workers in America, but what about other workplaces? Are you a nurse or work in the healthcare industry? Desk fountains can really go a long way to increase morale and bring health and happiness to patients and visitors. Another appropriate place for a tabletop water fountain is the library. If you happen to work at the library, a strategically placed table top fountain can add balance to the atmosphere. Unlike in the movies, libraries aren’t always pin-drop quiet. The soothing sounds of a table top fountain would really fit in well in a library.

The great thing about tabletop fountains is that you don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on one. For under $100, you can find the perfect fountain for your workplace. Consider it a good deed because not only will you be enjoying the benefits of your new table top fountain, everyone else in the vicinity will as well.

Tip #5: Indoor Table Fountains Make Great Gifts

Do indoor table fountains make good gifts? Indoor table fountains make perfect gifts for anniversaries. For couples who’ve been married for several years, the difficulty lies in what to get them. They’re the couple who has everything! While the rest of their friends and family are purchasing the same old tired picture frames and photo albums, you’ll be placing a big bow on top of a gift that’s sure to bring the couple many more years of happiness. 

Indoor table fountains can be used pretty much anywhere. Some people keep dusty dried flowers for dining room centerpieces when they could be running a table top fountain. Battery operated tabletop fountains are perfect for a corner shelf, or used on coffee tables and/or end tables.

Don’t be shy about giving a table top fountain as a gift. Whether it’s for a couple who’ve been married for several years, or for a new couple just starting a life together, a table top fountain gift is a sure thing. For even more meaning, consider adding custom-made, personalized rocks to the fountain. Smooth natural stones can be purchased in packages of smaller stones, or as one large stone. Choose words that give special meaning to the married couple to really personalize that table top fountain gift.

Tip #6: Tiny Tabletop Fountains for Every Space

Are there any table top fountains that serve a variety of purposes?  For all the multi-taskers out there, there’s a table top fountain that does three things at once: creates gorgeous waterfall sounds, is appealing to the eye, and can be illuminated after the sun goes down.

At Serenity Health & Home Decor, you can purchase an inexpensive Small Tealight Pillar Fountain that’s ideal for the home or the office. It fits perfectly on any desk or table and is perfect for people who enjoy burning candles. When choosing tea lights, take into consideration other people in the home or office who might be allergic to perfumed candles. There are many different types of tea lights to choose from including soy based candles, unscented, or scented.

If your tub enclosure is wide enough to hold ornamental objects, purchase one of these tealight pillar fountains and enjoy a luxurious soak while listening to the gentle waterfall sounds. Dim the lights and let the gentle glow of the burning tealights flicker softly in the corner. Now that's multitasking!

Tip #7: The Conversational Virtues of Waterfall Tabletop Fountains

Are waterfall tabletop fountains good for dining areas?  Is there something missing in your dining room area that you just can’t quite put your finger on? Large formal dining areas are meant to be classy and not overdone. Perhaps you’ve added color or wallpaper to the walls, there’s a gorgeous chandelier hanging over the center of the table, and you’ve chosen a few works of art to grace the walls. Plants add a bit of warmth and life to the room, but there’s still something missing.

Try adding waterfall tabletop fountains to the room. In a particularly large room, two waterfall tabletop fountains placed on either end of the room (maybe from corner to corner) will add balance to the space and create a nice effect with the sound of running water.

Keep in mind that more formal dining areas are meant for evenings of entertaining guests. There will be lots of great conversation and hopefully a few laughs. Waterfall tabletop fountains are meant to blend into the background while providing a sense of serenity and balance to the space. Be prepared for an entire conversation related to your waterfall tabletop fountains. Not only are they good to look at, they make great conversation pieces.