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Sunnydaze Hammock Tree Straps

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  • Dimensions: 10.8' L x 2" W each; weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Includes: 2 straps, 2 O-rings, and 2 s-hooks
  • Easily hang your hammock from trees
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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These hammock tree straps are a great option for hanging your hammock on a tree without harming the tree. At almost 11 feet long, they will wrap around any tree to help position your hammock to the perfect height. They are made of heavy duty nylon and come with zinc-plated rings and S-hooks.

*Please note that a hammock is not included with the purchase of the tree straps.

Features of the Hammock Tree Straps:

  • Overall dimensions: 130" L x 2" W each; weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Straps are made from heavy duty weather resistant nylon to ensure they are long-lasting.
  • One set includes 2 nylon straps, 2 zinc-plated S-hooks and 2 zinc-plated rings so you have everything needed to hang your hammock (hammock not included).
  • These hammock tree straps allow you to attach your hammock to trees with ease.
  • Hammock tree straps are not harmful to trees.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
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