Solar Fountain Tips

Solar fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Discover how a solar fountain complements a garden area while solar lights add a visual appeal to solar water fountains.

Tip #1: Outdoor Fountains without the Cord Mess

How does a solar fountain work without cords?  First of all, they are cord free.  There is a cord that runs from the solar panel to the fountain but the panel can be placed anywhere so the cord is not an inconvenience like an electrical cord can be.  There is no need to plug these fountains in as they are made to run only when the sun is shining for everyone to enjoy.  When the sun is not shining, they can double as a bird bath or a nice fresh drink for your furry friends. These solar powered fountains truly are beautiful and you will be able to incorporate them virtually anywhere.  Read more on how solar fountains work or shop solar fountains now.

Tip #2: Solar Powered Outdoor Fountains for Bird Watchers

Will solar powered fountains attract birds to my yard and garden?  In this industrialized world it seems there are more things working against nature than working for it. As citizens of the globe, it’s more important now than ever to invite nature back into our lives, accepting and respecting their natural habitats. 

It’s easy to overlook the natural diversity in our own backyards, and just as easy to restore the balance. By purchasing something as simple and inexpensive as a solar powered fountain and birdbath, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (no electricity required), while providing an inviting and safe place for the birds to visit. 

Solar powered fountains are easy to install and are not so large that they require any clear-cutting, or disturbance of natural wildlife habitats. It doesn’t matter if the main reason for purchasing a solar powered fountain and birdbath is for your own enjoyment! When you understand the other great contributions you’re making to the environment, you’ll find even more appreciation for your newly purchased fountain. 

Two-tiered fountains look great at any angle and is almost like having two fountains in one, with its multi-layered effects. They’re about 25 pounds and big enough to be able to watch (and respect) the birds from a distance without scaring them off. Bird watchers will thoroughly enjoy this type of solar powered fountain. Meanwhile, the cascading water will create both a visual and auditory delight to the senses.

Tip #3: Solar Powered Floating Fountains for People and their Ponds

Will a solar powered floating fountain disrupt the natural ecosystem of the pond? Browse the aisles of major department stores and garden centers and you’re sure to find a wide assortment of water pond kits for backyard enthusiasts. They come in any number of shapes and sizes and are particularly nice to complement a well landscaped yard. However, you don’t have to have a well-groomed, formal garden space to enjoy a pond. Cottage dwellers may even be fortunate enough to have a natural pond on their property. Whether it’s a natural pond or a pond made from a kit, adding a Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain makes the perfect accessory. 

A solar water fountain, like the Floating Lily, is easy to install and poses no hazard to the natural ecosystem living beneath the water. Power is supplied directly from the sun, continuously circulating water up through the center spout, creating an upward spray that can reach a height of 18 inches. This type of solar water fountain not only brings visual life to the pond, it uses water that’s already present. These solar powered water fountains are even easier to use than garden fountains because there’s no need to empty or refill the water supply. As long as there is at least a six inch water depth, the Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain will work beautifully.

Tip #4: Solar Fountains for Small Spaces

Is it possible to enjoy a solar powered water fountain if all you have is a really small space? Not everyone has a huge backyard or a big garden space filled with ponds, walkways, or entrance ways. Individuals living in areas of urban sprawl may only have access to a balcony, or window boxes in which to plant some herbs or flowers.

The beauty of solar fountains is that you really don’t need a lot of outdoor space to use one. Naturally, you’re going to want to purchase something that makes sense in relation to spatial restrictions, but there are a wide number of options that will meet those requirements.

For example, at a size of just 14.6 inches (width) by 7.1 inches (height) the Ceramic Dove Solar Fountain would fit perfectly on a balcony or small outdoor space. This particular solar fountain, available at Serenity Health & Home Decor, comes with a separate solar panel that can be set up right next to the fountain if need be. There is a cable that runs from the solar panel to the solar fountain, but both could be placed side-by-side if space is really limited. By adding plants for visual interest (being careful not to obstruct the solar panel), your balcony suddenly becomes much more inviting. Add a comfy chair with a drink holder and you’ve got yourself a mini escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Tip #5: Lighting Up the Night With Solar Lights

Is there anything I can buy to add to my solar fountain collection?  Nighttime lighting adds a whole new dimension to solar garden fountains. Whether the fountain has added LED lights or you’ve added spotlights to them for visual effect, there’s no question that the effect is stunning.

What about trying something just a little bit different? The Magic Globe Solar Light weighs under one pound and can be used to line garden walkways, scattered throughout a flower garden, or even used on the deck or patio. The more MagicGlobe Lights used, the better the effect. Essentially, this type of solar light soaks up the sun’s rays by day and fills the night with a kaleidoscope of colors including yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint, and purple.

These solar lights add dimension to ponds and fountains and are battery operated for up to 12 hours. These beautiful spheres can really add some depth to your solar fountain collection.  Another great solar lighting option are the Multi-color solar lights.  They are perfect for the walkway or on a patio or deck.  Many great options to accent your outdoor fountains.