Price Match Guarantee

You as a customer are Very Important to us, and we would really like you to be satisfied. So, if you see something you want to purchase and find it at a lower price elsewhere, just Contact Us, and we will do everything we possibly can to match or beat that price.

Include The TOTAL Price:

The price we are looking to match or beat is the combination of the actual price of the item, plus the shipping & handling costs. So, when you give us the competitor's price, include the product price plus their S&H, and any taxes they are charging. It is very possible that when you add all of that up, our total price may already be better than theirs. But if that's not the case, then we will match or beat their total price if it is reasonable.

In Order To Match or Beat The Price...

We need to know which company is offering that price and for how much. If it's another online dealer, we need to see that price on their web site, or a written agreement that they offered you that price. That agreement can even be in an email they sent to you. As long as you can provide us with this necessary information, we can match or beat their price, which is what we would like to do for you.

NOTE: We reserve the right to *Not* match or beat a competitor's price if their price is so ridiculously low, that we make little or no profit on the transaction.

So Contact Us, With This Information...

Who the competitor is. We need their name and web site. What their TOTAL Price is. That includes the Product Price, S&H and Taxes. Verification of their price, either on their web site or in a written agreement to you.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to serve you.