Preventing Bacteria in Water Fountains

Bacteria is a concern to a lot of people when researching a water feature.  There are ways to prevent bacteria and prolong the growth of algae from happening.  Here are a few things to consider to help with your water fountain care:

  • Distilled water is the best way to prevent calcium build up or hard water stains.  It is however, not required. If you don’t have access to distilled water you can also try a fountain care product such as Algae Control, Protec Scale and Stain Removal, or for tap water with a lot of chemicals the Foam Nix may be helpful. 

    There are also great all natural fountain care products that are completely safe for pets and wildlife.  Try a fountain protector such as Small Fountain Cleanser or Fountain Fresh to prevent mineral build up and algae in your outdoor or indoor fountains.  Using a capful per gallon of water of these great products will keep your fountain looking beautiful.
  • UV Lights – These are typically seen in large fountains or custom fountains.  These UV lights sit in the base of your fountain and filter the water through them killing bacteria by passing it through an ultra-violet lamp that is located inside each unit.  This eliminates green water by making the algae clump together so it can be removed by a filter.  These lights are great for larger wall fountains or custom fountains as well as ponds.  Typically available in 3 sizes with 1000 gallons – 3000 gallon filter capacity.
  • Clean your fountain regularly.  This is a must as it not only gets rid of algae but keeps your fountain beautiful on the inside and out.  See our Fountain Maintenance and Care section for more information on cleaning your water fountain.  We also fountain guide called Definitive Guide to Fountain Care to help you care of your fountains.

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