Outdoor Water Fountain Tips

An Outdoor Water Fountain Can Add Charm to your Yard.

Tip #1: Start Thinking About your Landscaping Now

I need to add some unique decor to my landscaping and I am looking for ideas.  A customer favorite for decorating outdoor spaces is using outdoor fountains. Typically we find that with so many options, there is something to fit everyone's garden decor or landscaping.  Garden water fountains come in so many options and range in price from $75 to thousands, you are sure to find the perfect look for your living spaces. 

They can be found with solar power or electric options and in materials ranging from cast stone to fiberglass to ceramic.  You will find small outdoor fountain styles to large rock like waterfall with lights creating a beautiful lighted water fountain to enjoy and entertain around at all hours. 

Tip #2: Relax By your Garden Fountain and Fire Pit

Try incorporating a fire pit and outdoor fountain together: If you own an outdoor fountain, you probably know by now that it has become a favorite gathering place and your favorite place to hang out and unwind at the end of the day.  Well, make that relaxing experience go into the night and warm up with a fire pit while you listen to the soothing water sounds of your outdoor fountain.  Fire pits are perfect for those neighborhood parties or for late night relaxing, sure to bring peace and serenity.  Find a full selection of fire pits right where at Serenity Health & Home Decor.

Tip #3: Utilizing Disappearing Fountains in your Backyard

What is a disappearing fountain and why would I go this route?  Disappearing fountains are becoming increasingly popular as the reservoirs are typically hidden.  If you choose to go this route for your outdoor fountains you will find some offer the option to place it above ground or bury the reservoir.  If you like the look of one of the disappearing fountains and want it on your deck or patio you can get a basin that does not need to be buried. You can also place one of these outdoor features in a pond.  In fact, several styles are made specifically for ponds and they look great!  

Many of the disappearing fountains are made of stainless steel and are larger in size and will produce fantastic water sounds.  These garden water features present many options for pond use, underground reservoirs or free standing fountains.  Shop disappearing fountains now and find the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces today. 

Tip #4: Using Large Fountains to Lure in Customers and Guests

How can I use an outdoor fountain to help business?  You may have noticed that where there are outdoor & garden fountains there are people.  Large outdoor fountains are a great landscaping addition that not only look spectacular, they will create a buzz and cause people to gather around them.  People and animals alike love running water, it will bring a sense of peace and serenity to those around it.  So, if you have a nice entry point to your business, a large courtyard or want to create a beautiful garden focal point outside your business, add a water feature and watch customers flock to see it!

Tip #5: Lighted Outdoor Fountains

How can I add nighttime lights to my outdoor fountains? One outdoor fountain is good, but several of them are great. The catch is making sure they look as stunning at night as they do in the day. How? Simple. Purchase rock style fountains as many of them come with lights or add them on.

If your outdoor water fountain did not come with LED lights of their own, you could buy some. Another outdoor water fountain option includes buying spotlights to shine on those gorgeous outdoor fountains once the sun sets. Having appropriate lighting in place will make it that much easier to head outside for some evening socializing. On hot summer nights, you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of your own backyard. Have some cool drinks. Play some music or let the sound of waterfalls fill the air. It doesn’t get much better than enjoying an evening in your own backyard with a backdrop of illuminated outdoor fountains.

For temporary lighting, and a bit of romance, surround your outdoor fountain with pillar candles. Just remember to blow the candles out before heading indoors at the end of the evening. Illuminated outdoor fountains add that extra bit of class to an enjoyable summer evening.

Tip #6: Defining Modern Outdoor Fountains

What does a modern outdoor water fountain look like?  Modern outdoor fountains are fountains that don’t take on traditional shape and form. They don’t look like typical garden water fountains.They might be slightly abstract in nature and have interesting geometrical shapes. One of the main features that separate modern outdoor fountains from the more traditional variety is the material they are made of.

They can be made of lightweight resin, fiberglass, or lightweight slate. They’re easy to move around as needed or desired, and sometimes come with a variety of accessories such as LED lights. The Raku Basin Fountain is one example of a beautifully modern outdoor fountain. The size of the fountain makes it appear to weigh a ton when, in fact, the largest version only weighs 22 pounds.

Years ago, the only place you’d see an outdoor water fountain would be at a public park or in a cemetery. Only the extremely wealthy had them. Perhaps that’s why there’s such prestige attached to owning an outdoor fountain today. The materials used to make them have changed over time, the look has changed, and the availability has changed. It’s this combination of circumstances that truly define modern outdoor fountains.

Tip #7: Relaxing by the Outdoor Fountain

Why is rest and relaxation so important? The sounds of waterfalls are nice, but so is the medley of wind chimes gently blowing in the breeze. Add a few garden gnomes to scare away the crows and you’ve got the perfect recipe for peace and quiet. Wind chimes complement any garden, and any outdoor water fountain. Pull up a chair, relax, and let the symphony of water and wind lull you to sleep.

To make the most of your time outside, have a camera by your side to snap pictures of wild birds as they stop for a refreshing bath in your fountain. Keep your head covered with a wide brim hat and don’t forget to cover yourself with sunscreen to protect yourself against harmful UV rays.

Pour yourself a nice, tall summer drink then stretch out on your reclining lawn chair. After all, there’s no sense having one if you’re not going to enjoy it!

A little downtime is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, the more we savor quiet moments of relaxation, the better our health will be. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are integral to being a balanced person. So, grab a good book and let the soothing sounds of nature take you to a whole other place and time. When it’s time to come back to reality, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Tip #8: Maintenance and Care of an Outdoor Fountain

Is it okay to wait and get the water fountain supplies when I really need them?  Whether you own a standard outdoor water fountain, outdoor rock fountains, or a garden wall fountain, you will eventually need supplies. Sometimes the excitement of purchasing your first fountain overshadows the need for maintenance care and cleaning products. All you want to do is get that fountain delivered to your home so that you can set it up and enjoy it as soon as possible.

There’s generally not a large amount of maintenance required fountains, but they do sometimes need a little help. Algae forms easily without any kind of enzyme in the water. In addition, outdoor fountains are subjected to the elements and the pets (yours and the neighbor’s). The reality is, outdoor fountains get dirty. 

Instead of waiting until your outdoor fountain is unrecognizable, spend a few minutes every day cleaning out debris and wiping the fountain down with a soft cloth. Use your fountain care products (enzymes, lime remover, etc.) periodically to keep your fountain looking fresh.

Tip #10: Outdoor Rock Fountains and Wedding Pictures

Should I ask people if they'd like to have their wedding pictures taken in my backyard? Photographs are one of the key elements to a memorable wedding. If you happen to know someone getting married, perhaps a family, friend, or neighbor, why not ask them if they’d like to have their photos taken in your garden? Garden water fountains make interesting and beautiful backdrops for wedding pictures.

Every outdoor fountain has its own unique traits that make it a beautiful addition to your garden, patio, or backyard. The Lighted Stone Springs Fountain is probably one of the most interesting and eye-catching of all the outdoor rock fountains. It has lights built right into the structure that illuminate the stone-like waterfall at night. The special effects of the lights glowing from within the pools of water are amazing.

Anybody would be happy to have their wedding pictures taken with your outdoor rock fountains serving as the perfect landscaped backdrop.

Outdoor fountains are especially stunning in the summer months, when every plant, tree, and flower is in full bloom. It’s likely that couple getting married are going to say their vows in the summer, so make sure the garden is in tip-top shape. Have a look at the fountain as well to make sure it’s in good working condition before the photographers arrive.

Tip #11: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

A wonderful way to create an oasis is to include an outdoor fountain in your landscaping scheme.  Establishing a fountain as a center piece allows you to build your garden or patio around this inviting feature.  

Easy Setup and Cost
Outdoor fountains are available to purchase at most local hardware stores, however you will find a much larger selection online.  They usually include all necessary items to get it up and running in a single afternoon.  A few basic hand tools, an electrical outlet, and a hose are all that is required to hook up most water fountains.  A vast selection of styles and amenities ensures there is a garden fountain for every setting and budget, whether your design scheme needs an elaborate three tier fountain or a simple one to grace your patio table. 

Style and Setting
The increased popularity of water fountains has created an explosion of different styles to compliment your personal tastes.  Looking to create a feng shui garden, then water is an important element to this design.  Water in feng shui symbols wealth and health.  The soothing sound of running water will help you capture the relaxing zen-like atmosphere you are striving for.  

Quick Tips
• Outdoor fountains require a level surface to ensure good operation.
• Make sure your sight location has an electrical outlet and water supply readily available. 
• Enjoy
Tip #13: Accessorizing Backyard Water Fountains for Less

Backyard water fountains are a beautiful way to enjoy the gentle sounds of flowing water from the comforts of your backyard. Fountains, though unique in their own right, are better when accessorized. Typical accessories can cost $10 to $20 each for the smallest variety. Instead of spending a small fortune on accessories, why not create your own. 
At a local dollar store, pick up small creatures and trinkets that can be hand painted. After painting, apply a fresh coat of waterproof aerosol spray. The spray will protect the accessory from all weather conditions and one can will last a lifetime - or at least a season or two.

When cleaning times come around every three to four months, inspect the handmade trinket for any damage. If needed, another layer of waterproof spray can be added at any time. Treated accessories for backyard water fountains will last just as long, or longer, than those found in specialty stores.

This waterproofing technique can be used for ivy, artificial flowers and more. Imagine your outdoor fountain with fluttering butterflies, lady bugs and hummingbirds all created, decorated and protected for a fraction of the retail cost

Tip #14: Patio Fountain Tips

Patio fountains are lovely to look at during the spring and summer, however, they are not ideal for the fall and winter. During these long months, you should keep your fountain covered so that it does not acquire leaves and pond scum that can easily come about from lack of cleaning or an excess of nearby trees. Consider using chlorinated water or salt water in your fountain so that your water will not turn green and your filters will last longer.

Strain your patio fountain with a pool strainer regularly to keep buildup of moss, and occasionally even frogs, to a minimum. During the winter time, you should disconnect and drain your fountain so that the water does not freeze. The ice can expand in your fountain causing the stone itself to crack and wear easily. This can be avoided by draining and refilling your fountain in the spring time. Keep your patio fountain covered to avoid animals nesting as well as leaves collecting in your patio fountain. 
Sometimes, staining your patio fountain with a resin coating or even paint sealer can help keep moss and bacteria from growing in your pond during the more humid days of summer. Staining your patio fountain creates a barrier that the moss and germs can't cling to, therefore, killing it and making it easier to clean.