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Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain

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Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain

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  • Small Horizontal: 48" wide x 5" deep x 28" high
  • Large Horizontal: 60" wide x 5" deep x 36" high
  • Includes: Fountain, electric pump and optional lighting
  • Made in the USA
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If you understand reggae, you understand exactly where this fountain is coming from. It is a celebration of life and music. The stunning fine art picture on the Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain is hand painted on the back of a strong, high-tech clear acrylic panel, and finished with a sealant to give complete protection against water and dampness. The acrylic panel is securely set within a heat finished copper frame and basin.

Features of the Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain:

  • This fountain is available in either horizontal or vertical layouts with many sizes to choose from. The artist can do any size or color scheme you would like. Click here to request a custom water featurequote.
  • This indoor fountain comes complete with an electric recirculating pump.
  • The acrylic panel is securely set within a heat finished copper frame and basin. The heat finish creates a beautiful patina on the copper.
  • All Harvey Gallery fountains are handmade at the time of order, so no two fountains are 100% alike.

Starting from the top portion of the copper frame, the water flows down the Front (non-painted) side of the acrylic panel, into the pool of water in the copper basin, making beautiful, soothing water sounds. The flowing water never comes in contact with the painting on the back side of the acrylic panel. The visual look of the waterfall on the front side of the gorgeous painting, combined with the beautiful waterfall sounds, makes for a stunning, tranquil, relaxing experience.

A beautiful example of Galaxy Lighting

* IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ * This beautiful Wall Art Fountain is designed and hand constructed by very skilled and experienced artisans. There are no two fountains that are 100% exactly alike. You are literally getting your own Original Wall Art Fountain. So, the fountain you receive may not look exactly like what you see here, but it will be very similar, and it will be quite beautiful, particularly once it is up and running with its soothing water sounds.

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