Indoor Water Feature Tips

Indoor fountains are artistic expressions that allow one to reflect. If insurance for indoor water fountains doesn't excite you, other topics include painted water fountains and using floor fountains to evoke memories of past vacations.

Tip #1: Indoor Water Fountains for the Music Room

Is the music room a good place to put an indoor water fountain?  People have dens, computer rooms, master bathrooms, and every other kind of room imaginable in their homes. While any of these locations make great places to install indoor water features, nothing completes a music room quite like tabletop fountains. They can rest atop the family piano, on a writing desk, shelf, or can find a home nestled in one of the room’s corners.

The music room is naturally a place where family and friends come together to play their favorite instrument, or listen to the talents of others. During these times, chances are good the sound of the indoor fountain’s rushing water won’t be in the forefront. But it will be there. Sometimes a music room serves as a surrogate library, or resting spot. It might be a place to sit on the futon with the cat, take a nap on the daybed, or the perfect spot to practice yoga or meditation in the home.

Interior water fountains make a refreshing statement in any home, and in any room. Amazingly, whether you can actually hear the sound of the flowing water at any given time doesn’t diminish the relaxing effect of the fountain. It only takes one quiet moment in the day to bring you back to the waterfall sounds. However, every time you find yourself in the vicinity of the fountain, you’ll find the kind of harmony that should grace every home.

Tip #2: Finding Art in the Water Fountain

Can I get an indoor water fountain with artwork? Interior water fountains don’t just look like a work of art, they are a work of art. Galaxy Wall Fountains are a combination of unique artwork and relaxing waterfalls. These interior water fountains feature hand-painted artwork that’s coated with a protective seal. The fountains, featured at Serenity Health, are breathtaking and difficult to narrow down to one purchase. The subjective nature of art requires a variety of styles (abstract, pastels, nature scenes, floral, still life, Degas tributes, etc.), and this particular selection offers just that.

Any one of these Galaxy Fountains will grace the home or office with pleasant waterfall sounds, but not just any Art Fountain will suit every person. Choosing this type of indoor fountain doesn’t come lightly and should be approached as if shopping for a unique work of art.They should be displayed in a prominent location where they will receive appropriate recognition and appreciation.  

Serenity Health & Home Decor offers endless choices of indoor wall fountains. One in particular, the Tall Galaxy Tree of the Galaxy Wall Fountain collection, is made to order, making it a completely unique purchase for your home. The artistic skill and attention to detail are breathtaking and only enhance the indoor fountains they’re made for.

Tip #3: The Joy of Desk Fountains

What are desk fountains like? For full-time employees, the office practically becomes a second home. There are a handful of snacks lining the top drawer, personal coffee mugs on prominent display, photographs of family on the shelf, and a gym bag for easy access to fitness clothes. 

Personalizing the work space is a great way to express individuality. Creating a workspace that reflects the person as a balanced being leads to greater productivity and increased morale on the job. However, there’s more to balancing the workspace than a few photographs and coffee mugs. 

Indoor fountains come in every shape and size; many of them make great desk fountains. When the workday reaches a breaking point, taking a minute to breathe deeply and focus on the softly gushing water provides the perfect balance to the day. 

Small desktop fountains don’t cost exorbitant amounts of money, won’t offend anybody, and create an instant air of calm in a sometimes chaotic business world. Some come with bamboo accents, Buddha representations, a feng shui serenity ball, and cubes. There’s a unique style of indoor water fountain for everybody, and a color scheme to blend in naturally with the office décor. In a rushed world where relaxation time appears to be at a premium, fountains can provide much-needed relief.

Tip #4: The Humidifying Effects of Indoor Water Fountains

Why do people tend to have plants near their indoor fountains?  The proximity of house plants to indoor water fountains is no coincidence. The two seem to look natural together, possibly because of the association between water and earth, growth and new life. However, framing plants in pots around interior fountains serves another purpose other than the obvious aesthetic benefits. They create constant, natural humidity, putting much-needed moisture back into dry household air, and nurturing the houseplants at the same time.

Most people wouldn’t choose to purchase fountains solely for their humidifying properties, but it does add some nice value for the money. The humidifying benefits are perfect in climates where homes are over-heated during the long winter months, or suffer from otherwise dry air conditions. That means that people who suffer the effects of dry air (chapped lips, flaky skin, nosebleeds, dry eyes, and general dehydration) could potentially benefit from a well-placed water fountain.

While any fountain will provide the air with some humidity, large interior waterfalls are the best choice for creating a more humid environment. Unlike humidifiers they don’t spawn mold spores because of the continuous flow of the water. In short, purchasing an interior water fountain is a smart, healthy decision.

Tip #5: Indoor Waterfalls can be Customized

Can I get an Indoor Floor Fountain customized?  If you’re interested in the flowing sounds of indoor waterfalls, consider investing in the Waterwall or Gardenfall Waterfall offered at Serenity Health & Home Decor. Not only is it beautiful, it can be customized by color, size, and whether you’d prefer a glass or a slate face. The material is lightweight enough to handle easily. Tired of it in one room? Simply move it to another with ease.

Indoor decorative fountains like the Gardenfall Waterfall are suitable for any room of the house. When customizing your waterfall by color, it’s important to understand that the color is hand-applied, creating a unique variance of color and texture. This variance really lends itself to a natural-looking finish. 

Purchasing for a business? The Waterwall can be customized with your company name or logo. There’s no extra charge for adding a different color to the fountain (make sure to request it at the time of order); however, there is an extra charge for etched logos or business names. These beautiful indoor fountains typically come with everything you need (minus the cleaning products) to get started. All you need is water and an outlet.