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Fascinating Facts About How Fire Glass Works 

Have you ever heard of fire glass? This unique substance is used in many kinds of fire pits and fireplaces, but many people don’t know exactly what it is. You may have heard of this amazing fire pit accessory in the past and found yourself asking, “How does fire glass work?” You may even be wondering, “What is fire glass?” That’s why we put together this comprehensive fire glass guide. Here’s how this technologically advanced safety feature works.


  • Fire glass is a tempered glass that adds color and reflection to fire pits and fireplaces. It consists of small, stone-like pieces of glass that are rolled and polished so that they aren’t sharp or dangerous.
  • The glass replaces logs in a fire in order to eliminate the mess and work involved with wood. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fire pit for your yard, you may want to add tempered glass to make it much easier to use. You can also use it in fire glass pits indoors or on your patio or deck.
  • Tempered glass is especially unique because it doesn’t melt, burn or become discolored, no matter how many times you use to in a fire. It also doesn’t create toxic fumes or soot when burned.


  • Incredibly, you can use tempered glass with both propane and natural gas in order to create a fire in your fire pit or fireplace. You’ll need to purchase the correct connection kit that corresponds with your chosen starter fluid in order to make sure it works properly.
  • If used properly, fire glass will last virtually forever. The glass is made to withstand the heat of fire, so it will never melt or break.
  • Fire glass is safe to the touch because, unlike traditional glass, it doesn’t have any sharp edges or angles. All commercial fire glass is smooth and rounded, making it safe to the touch and uniform in shape. Tempered glass pieces are even safer because they are stronger and last longer.
  • If you were to use regular glass in your fire pit, it would pop, burst and possibly even shoot shards out across the room. You should never attempt to put common glass in your fire pit, as it can be incredibly dangerous. Make sure to only use fire glass in your fire pit.
  • You’ll need to use the proper amount of fire glass for your specific type of fire pit or else it may become too large to control or too small to enjoy the fire. Check your fire pit’s manual to see how much fire glass to use with that specific size.
  • Fire glass radiates three to four times more heat than wood. This is because of its reflective surface that radiates heat and keeps the fire at a constant, even temperature. This means that you can warm a room or an outdoor space more efficiently without needing a larger fire.


Simply fill your fire glass pit up with the recommended amount of fire glass in order to enjoy this fun accessory. To keep your fire glass in top shape, simply dust it regularly and keep any debris away from the glass. Since this type of material doesn’t create ash or soot you won’t need to scoop anything or remove the glass after burning it.