Garden Fountain Tips

Garden fountains offer a soothing sense of serenity.  Dedicate one to a loved one or add to any backyard or patio for guaranteed relaxation after a long day. Find out how you can adorn your garden water fountain with these tips. 

Tip #1: Cast Stone Outdoor Fountains Please for Generations

Is there a benefit to a cast stone fountain as opposed to lightweight?  Stone garden fountains bring beauty of course but some people shy away as they are heavy and typically more expensive than their lightweight counterparts.  Some of the benefits of cast stone fountains are their durability and longevity.  These fountains typically have color options and the color is right in the stone so it will not fade or chip off where over time fiberglass fountains will change color in the elements and may have a finish over them that could chip off over time. 

Cast stone garden fountains feature a durability that can last generations.  Often times we have customers call who have a question on a fountain that was inherited and is very old.  Still in great shape and very beautiful.  Because these types of features are often hand crafted at the time of order, you have many design and color options and the designs are often times more intricate than the lightweight fiberglass counterparts. 

With both types of garden water fountains having their differences, you must decide what better suites your needs.  Lightweight obviously offers more mobility and flexibility where stone fountains will outlast in beauty but typically stay in one place.  There are many of each style to choose.  Shop all garden water fountains today!

Tip #2: Accent your Garden Fountain with flowers or plants

How can I add color to an outdoor fountain?  When it comes to garden fountains we often see them in a stone color or gray, cement color.  Reason being, they are very universal to match natural stone colors or virtually any home color.  If you are placing your fountain in a garden or in the middle of a yard you will probably want to add something that will draw attention the fountain and accent it.  Flowers and greenery do a wonderful job of this!  If you are a gardener and like to experiment with plants and vegetables, we have a website for you!  Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalog - The Thompson & Morgan website provides online access to their huge range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds. The site also includes much essential advice and information for all gardeners.

Tip #3: Stone or Lightweight Garden Fountains

What is best for a garden fountain?  This is a tough question.  There are benefits to both, the cast stone garden fountains are a benefit because you can typically choose your color and they will most likely last longer as they are stone.  However, many opt for lightweight garden fountains made of a fiberglass material as they are easy to manage, move and clean.  These days engineers are making these lightweight outdoor fountains look very much like stone giving you a lot of options when choosing garden fountains.  Stone fountains are great for permanent spots like courtyards, large foyers, or large business gardens where lightweight garden fountains are perfect for decks, patios, landscaped areas around your home and personal garden areas.  With so many to choose, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your outdoor living spaces. 

Tip #4: Rock Garden Fountain Stones for Inspiration

What do you buy someone who has everything?  What sets this type of rock garden apart from all the rest isn’t so much the fountain itself, but the personalized stones that come with it. Everyone has certain strengths, attributes, loves, and passions that help define that person. Now, it’s possible to purchase personalized stones that reflect those personal attributes. Choose from engraved stones that can have stock words added. Stock words like dance, love, live, create, forgive or freedom work exceptionally well but feel free to choose your own words as well. The number of stock words available for these beautifully soft stones is vast, making it easy to pick something suitable at the time of purchase.

Stones generally come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. For personalized messages, choose the large stones, or combine one large stone with several smaller ones. There’s always someone who has everything and the prospect of purchasing a gift for them is daunting. What do you get someone how has everything? Even if the person already has a garden fountain, it’s likely they don’t own personalized stones to match. These stones, which blend nicely with any rock garden fountain, can be used outside (directly in the water) or placed in and around the fountain for a unique look.

Even businesses take advantage of these beautifully engraved pockets stones, sometimes buying hundreds at a time. They make beautiful gifts, but can also be included in staff orientation packages or used to distribute inspirational messages in the workplace.

Tip #5: Making the Most of Your Backyard Garden Fountain

How can I make the most out of my garden fountain?  It’s unfortunate that city dwellers, or people with seemingly no outdoor living space, brush off the notion of purchasing a garden water fountain. The reality is, there are a number of garden fountains available on the market that fit nicely into smaller spaces, including the patio!

Contemporary garden fountains not only add dimension and style to the yard, they also increase the quality and desirability of spending time outside. If people need an excuse to unplug and enjoy the fresh air every now and then, a garden fountain is as good an excuse as any.  Pull out a beach blanket and enjoy a picnic by the fountain ore read a book. Pitch a tent nearby and spend the night outside, or simply take a catnap every now and then. Rather than settling in front of the television on a Saturday afternoon, take it outside. Pull up some lawn chairs and invite a friend over for coffee and conversation. Take advantage of your new fountain in every possible way. 

Life is fast, and people need a reason to slow down. Using backyard fountains as the impetus to enjoy life at a slower pace make these unique conversation starters worth every penny.

Tip #6: The Benefits and Beauty of an Outdoor Wall Fountain

Why should I consider buying an Outdoor Wall Fountain from Serenity Health?  Nothing makes an outdoor living space more appealing than a garden fountain. Mounted wall fountains like these found at Serenity Health & Home Decor can be used inside or outside.

Garden wall fountains are the perfect solution when space is at a premium. They take up little space and are easy to install on any exterior wall. Styles and prices are in every conceivable range, offering customers the option of purchasing a style that meets their needs, find those that are plain, colored, large, or small.  People looking to add a touch of class to an outside wall or structure find these quality lightweight wall fountains. Depending on the size of the wall, you may choose to buy two or more fountains to create a unique and intriguing waterfall effect.

There are a lot of decorating options when using garden fountains, but the two most important decisions include choosing the perfect garden fountain and finding the perfect place to install it.

Tip #7: Creating a Garden Water Fountain Memorial

Is it okay to dedicate my garden fountain to a loved one who has passed on? In a world where age-old traditions are being met with challenge and resistance, people still find ways to create memorials for those who’ve passed on. For some individuals, that memorial might be in the form of a shrine complete with photographs, cards, and reminders that continue to bring that person’s memory to life.

While there’s no right or wrong way to create a memorial, installing backyard garden fountains is a wonderful way to evoke the memory of loved ones. While the garden fountain itself usually isn’t something that can be customized, there are other ways to add that personal touch including:

  • Erecting a small plaque nearby in the person’s name
  • Celebrating the life of the person with an annual reunion in the garden
  • Planting a tree near the garden fountain in the person’s name and memory
  • Laminating and protecting a photograph to be placed on or near the garden fountain
  • Garden fountains are a unique and intimate way to revisit the memory of loved ones. Flowing water symbolizes flowing prosperity, success, and good fortune – all wonderful things to celebrate in the name of loved ones who’ve passed before us. The type of garden fountains used for this purpose should be top quality, built to last, and able to withstand the elements of nature. Once a memorial like this is established, it’s important to keep the same garden fountain in place for years to come.

    Tip #8: Putting the Corporate Garden Fountain to Work

    How can a garden fountain build my business?  The perfect welcome to any commercial space is a glorious water garden fountain. Unlike the traditional fountain used by home owners, an outdoor model for commercial use should create a sense of being welcomed, while leaving the public impressed. 

    Getting people through the doors and making an impression is what successful business is all about. Any small space can be turned into a green space fit for (at minimum) a garden water fountain and a few classic plants, topiary bushes, ornamental grass, etc. Some commercial properties are blessed with a good-sized property and ample room to create a stunning garden display. Others, however, have only small plots of land or space available to make that garden statement. 

    Luckily, top quality garden fountains don’t take up a lot of space and don’t require unsightly extension cords. High end, top quality water features also come with a one year warranty. By choosing a unique garden fountain design, people will be intrigued enough to come a little closer, and by coming a little closer, they may just step through the doors. 

    Creating an atmosphere where people want to do business with the company is the ultimate goal. An inviting garden fountain could be the equivalent of a silent partner, braving the elements to bring new people through the doors.

    Tip #9: Create the Indoor or Outdoor of Your dreams

    A feng shui fountain can be owned by anyone, and is basically a means of adding peace and serenity to your surroundings. These can come in the form of home and garden waterfalls. A garden waterfall can become an excellent extension to your own home. To enjoy the beauty of your outdoor fountain, make sure it is strategically placed where it can be viewed from inside your home.  With this garden, it best to purchase outdoor garden furniture that can withstand all weather conditions. 

  • Remember that plants are especially important to creating the perfect water fountain. Make sure you get plants or flowers that are in season at that time of the year.  Choose accessories and customize your fountain with items such as stones, statues, outdoor fireplaces and more.