Engraved Stone Type

We offer 4 types of engraved stones.  You can either select your own stone type or just leave it and our engraver will select the stone shape that best fits your phrase.  Below you will see an explanation of each stone type.  Keep in mind, every stone is a natural river rock so not stone is the same shape or color as another. Design your perfect custom engraved stone here.


Cobble:  River Rock that stand alone sitting at an angle. Colors range in shades of Grey, Green and Beige.

Sometimes with speckles or stripes.  Here is an example of front and side view.

cobble-side-view.jpg cobble-stone.jpg
Flat River Rock: Grey or beige hues of Scott River stone. Can be flat, oval or rounds. river-rock-flat-stone.jpg
Flagstone:  Natural slabs of stone that have been cut and tumbled, known as Connecticut Blue. These stones come in a light Grey Blue or Red color and lie flat on the ground unless propped up flagstone-front.jpg
Stone D'Jour: Our stone suppliers are always coming across beautiful stones that vary from completely flat to wedge. They are usually a limited find too. We snatch them up. If you will take a chance with us we guarantee you a gorgeous stone, you just don't know what it will be until its arrival. stone-d-jour-variety.jpg