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Doradus Nebula Wall Fountain

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Doradus Nebula Wall Fountain

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Doradus Nebula-HG192
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  • Standard Vertical: 28"W X 48"H X 5"D - 35lbs
  • Standard Horizontal: 48"W X 28"H X 5"D - 35 lbs
  • Large Vertical - 36"W X 60"H X 5"D - 60 lbs
  • Large Horizontal - 60"W X 36"H X 5"D - 60 lbs
  • Includes: Fountain, electric pump and optional lighting
  • Made in the USA
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Taking preorders now. Expected back in stock date for this product is Mar 6th 2020


An artful wall piece that takes into outer space to explore the unknown and create dimension. What you're seeing here are young ice-blue stars being born, only a few million years old, mere babies inside the Doradus 30 Nebula, a region in the Large Magellanic Cloud which is a satellite galaxy to our own Milky Way.

Features of the Doradus Nebula Wall Fountain:

  • This fountain is available in either horizontal or vertical layouts with many sizes to choose from. The artist can do any size or color scheme you would like. Click here to request a custom water featurequote.
  • This indoor fountain comes complete with an electric recirculating pump.
  • Acrylic waterfall face with a copper frame. It's coated with a polyurethane coating so that it won't turn green.
  • All Harvey Gallery fountains are handmade at the time of order, so no two fountains are 100% alike.

* IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ * This beautiful Wall Art Fountain is designed and hand constructed by very skilled and experienced artisans. There are no two fountains that are 100% exactly alike. You are literally getting your own Original Wall Art Fountain. So, the fountain you receive may not look exactly like what you see here, but it will be very similar, and it will be quite beautiful, particularly once it is up and running with its soothing water sounds.

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