Discount Water Fountains

Discount water fountains bring out the landscaper from within. Awaken your senses with fountain ideas for your home, choosing cheap water fountains for the office, or discount fountains for a yoga studio.

Tip #1: Creating your own Retreat

What do I need to do to create my own relaxation retreat? 
Our lives are filled with external and internal noise. From the moment the alarm clock goes off in the morning, through the roar of traffic, to the static noise of the workplace, there’s no end. That’s where weekend retreats come into the picture. They don’t have to cost a lot of money, involve hyped weight loss plans, or offer the promise of catching a glimpse of a celebrity. The only thing a relaxation retreat really needs is the company of good friends, and a chance to unplug from the electronic world.

Instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars and traveling to a remote location somewhere, why not plan your own retreat? Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Discuss it with your friends and decide on a couple of consecutive days that work for everybody.
  • Decide where the retreat will be held. It could be at your home, apartment, a favorite hotel, or at a rented cottage.
  • Make a promise to yourselves to leave all laptops, cell phones, etc. home.
  • Purchase a couple of discount water fountains for your weekend retreat. You’ll want to create a soothing, back-to-nature atmosphere and a water fountain will definitely do the trick. The fountains don’t have to cost a fortune either. There are many beautiful fountains available that will ll serve your weekend retreat and later find a place in your home.

The idea of having your own retreat is to create a little electronic free sanctuary where you can get nurture your mind, body, and soul. Don’t forget the fountain though. They’re the key to setting an ambiance of deep relaxation.

Tip #2: Deepening the Yoga Practice with Water Fountains

Is it too expensive and cumbersome to purchase water fountains for my yoga class?  Yoga, in all its various forms and practices, has been growing in popularity in North America over the last few years. In a wired, sometimes chaotic world, people are seeking balance, and they’re finding it through their yoga practice. 

How much an individual takes from a yoga class really depends on the atmosphere in which the practice takes place. Qualified instructors have been certified in their particular yoga style and bring their own personal ambiance to the setting. It’s important for yoga instructors to recreate a safe space each and every time they teach. Instilling a sense of calm and giving over the empowerment of self-nurture isn’t easy to do. However, by incorporating water fountains into the class, most of the work is already done. 

Imagine each student walking into a dimly lit class balanced with softly flowing water fountains. Discount water fountains are just as soothing as the full-priced versions, but may be a better fit for an instructor who isn’t tied to any one particular class. Instructors who travel from location to location will want to buy portable fountains that are convenient and travel-friendly. 

Portable water fountains are the perfect way for students to deepen their yoga practice and find their centering balance.

Tip #3: Budget-Saving Water Fountains for the Landscape

I'd love to have a water fountain for my garden, but can I afford it?  
Whether they’re in your home or garden, water fountains add value to your property. It doesn’t matter if they’re discount water fountains or full-priced fountains, what matters is the style and ambiance they bring to your home.

Let’s say you’ve recently landscaped your yard. You’ve got everything you need: blooming bushes, perennials, annuals, beautifully-laid sod, and a few strategically placed trees for shade. Yet there’s something missing. That something could very well be an outdoor fountain. Now, even though a lot of the budget has been eaten up by the landscaping, you can still find some stunning discount outdoor water fountains at places like Serenity Health & Home Decor. Just the sheer variety of styles available online at will keep you occupied for a while. You may think you know what you want, but until you see some of the options available in discount water fountains, don’t commit your space to anything.  

Visit for photographs and descriptions of some of the discount water fountains available. You can get a gorgeous terra cotta fountain or even a stunning solar-powered model. Have a look at your convenience, but be prepared to envision all of the different water fountain options available to complement your landscape

Tip #4: Discount Outdoor Water Fountains for the Deck

What do I need to complete the look of my deck? You’ve finally built that deck you’ve been dreaming about. Now it just needs a few finishing touches to turn your outdoor room into a place where you can comfortably entertain your friends.
The deck is beautiful and extends down to the pool. You’ve got a nice array of potted plants strategically placed, the barbecue is gleaming and ready for use, and the patio furniture has just been purchased and installed. Everything is almost perfect, but there’s just one thing missing. Outdoor water fountains are all you need to add that finishing touch to the deck.
Save your money for a nice bottle of wine and some steaks for the barbecue. All you really need are a couple of outdoor water fountains to turn your deck into a charming place where you can entertain your friends. When you’re looking for fountains, try to find a nice mix of tabletop fountains and free standing floor models. A small fountain could even be placed as a centerpiece to your deck table.
Outdoor fountains really add harmony to the backyard and that finishing touch that you’ve been looking for. They’re incredibly easy to maintain and won’t detract from a fun night on the deck. In fact, if you’ve got an outdoor deck fireplace, the entire atmosphere will incorporate the principles of feng shui, bringing a balance of earth, air, fire, and water.
Tip #5: Discount Water Fountains for the Office
What kind of fountain should I buy for work? Full-time workers spend a huge majority of their time at the workplace. And you’re lucky if your management considers personalizing a corner of that space. A lot of people bring in framed pictures of the family and/or family pets. Some people frame favorite quotes and maybe add a plant or two to warm up the office workspace. For even more personalization, buy a water fountain. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, including tabletop models.

When you’re looking for fountains, a few things to keep in mind include: 
  • Size. If the only space you have is on the corner of your desk, you’ll want to stick to small fountains that aren’t likely to get in your way.
  • Space. If you’d like to install a fountain somewhere on your office floor (in the corner of your office, for example), consider buying a fountain with some height and lots of visual appeal.
  • Proximity to a power outlet. Battery operated tabletop water fountains are very convenient, especially in the office.
  • Portability. Moving into another office or perhaps another job? You’ll want a water fountain that’s easy to use and easy to move when required.

For small office spaces, discount water fountains are the way to go. All you have to do is narrow down the style, keeping in mind some of the considerations above.

Tip #6: Creating an Atmosphere for Opening Day

What should I do on the opening day of my new business to encourage customers to return? After all your hard work, opening day is just around the corner. It’s been years, but you’re finally realizing your dream of opening your own business. You’re nervous, excited, and probably a little exhausted, but in just a few days you’ll be flipping over the Open sign and inviting customers inside.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do for opening day as a special thank-you to those first customers who walk through the door? Whether you’ve got a sporting good store or an exclusive restaurant, you not only want to get people through the door, but you want them to keep coming back. Opening day sales, free cake and coffee are good starters, but they won’t necessarily create that welcoming atmosphere you’re looking for. What you need, are a couple of water fountains strategically placed throughout the room.

After you purchase one or two water fountains, it’s important to install them in the right place. Don’t just set one up and leave it in a place that’s going to become cluttered. Instead, dedicate a small section of the store to the water fountain where it will be noticed and appreciated. Put a couple of comfy chairs nearby so that customers can take a minute to rest their feet. It’s those little acts of thoughtfulness that will bring your customers back time and time again.

Tips #7: Water Fountains For Wedding Receptions

Are discount water fountains a good idea for a wedding reception? The one thing that brides want more than anything for their wedding reception is a unique experience. No bride wants a wedding that’s been done a million times before. For the average bride-to-be, the wedding budget will only stretch so far. That may be why a lot of brides overlook the idea of using water fountains in the reception décor. 

Cheap water fountains really aren’t that hard to find and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Deciding to go with discount water fountains doesn’t mean that a tabletop fountain should be placed at every table. It could be as simple as placing a couple of water fountains at the main entrance to the reception hall or using one to balance the bride and groom’s table.

Discount water fountains do not look cheap. If you happen to find the perfect fountains for your wedding reception, go ahead and buy them. It’s not the price that counts; it’s the classic look and feel they bring to a room. Besides bringing a romantic air to the day, water fountains are sure to become focal points for plenty of picture taking.

When the evening is over and the guests have gone home, the bride and groom will be able to bring the water fountains to their own home. What better keepsake could there be?