Custom Fountain Tips

Custom water fountains provide ways to positively impact your health and wellness. Find out how they ease tension and stress.

Tip #1: Unite your Family by the Fountain

Would you like a modern change from the fireplace?  Could a customized water fountain be the new fireplace? For a modern approach to family gatherings, encourage everyone to come together around a fountain. Talk and laugh for hours around the soothing water sounds that encourages unity while exuding warmth and calm.

Use one to create whatever mood your family likes, on any occasion. Family photos or a favorite painting can be customized into the background of your fountain, with favorite colors and materials in mind. If you have a family crest, incorporate it into the.

There are wall, tabletop, or standing fountains to choose from. Whichever design you go with, think of creating a soothing atmosphere in your home to maintain calm and peaceful surroundings. Running water from the fountain can drown out unwanted background noise, while the added humidity provided by the water makes air easier to breathe, especially for those with allergies and sinus conditions.

Tip #2: Improve Employee Morale with a Customized Water Fountain

Do you need some stress relief during your work day?  The workplace can be stressful for you and your employees. You deal with deadlines, meetings, travel, budgets, long hours, and commuting right along with everyone who works for you.

If you want -- or need -- stress relief, invest in a custom water fountain for your office. It will serve as a calming background and provide a visual and auditory point of reference for relaxation. Opt for colors that spur creative energy, or go for hues that promote serenity, tranquility, and calm. The sound of running water produces peaceful background noise and is far more appealing than the sound of the photocopier or printer.

Custom water fountains can be expensive, but not as expensive as the cost of paid sick or stress leave. Every time you lose an employee, it costs money to rehire and retrain. As morale and stress increase in the workplace, so do workplace absences. A custom fountain can't change any inherent problems in the workplace, but it can create a more calming, inviting atmosphere. That alone can instigate the changes needed to turn the workplace into a better place to be.

Tip #3: Personalized Water Fountains

What type of tabletop fountain should I get?  Have you ever been on a walk through the woods, in a park, or on a hiking trail? There's nothing quite like it. Twigs and leaves crunch underfoot, birds flit restlessly from tree to tree, and off in the distance you hear what sounds like whispering. As you get closer, the whispering becomes louder until you realize that it's the sound of flowing water. You're drawn to it, and when you finally reach the water's edge, you feel as if you were meant to be there at that particular time. That's the power inherent in flowing water. It draws you near and brings inner peace in a world that's often fragmented and jarring.

When selecting a fountain, choose colors that will please your eye yet not be distracting. Azulite blue has a wonderfully calming effect. Pick a fountain style that not only complements your room's décor but also enhances the ambiance of the room. Steel may signify strength while the rich color of copper may give a sense of warmth. Water will provide a soothing feel for the colors and textures you choose.

To maximize your space, choose a smaller version that can be placed on a wall. If you have a very large room, a floor model will create not only a sanctuary to meditate but will also be a center piece for the large space. Don't worry about not being able to customized a tabletop fountain. When you see the large variety available at Serenity Health & Home Decor, the magnitude of options will leave you feeling as if you're really getting a custom fountain.

Tip #4: Custom Water Fountains Set the Mood for Guided Relaxation

How can a custom water fountain improve and enhance my commercial space?  A top-quality water fountain not only adds serenity to your commercial space, it creates the kind of classy ambiance that keeps people coming back.

Custom fountains can feature any color or artwork you like. Choose blues, greens, and purples to venture to a tropical island in the Caribbean. Greens, whites, and browns will help you escape to the mountains as you imagine your running water fountain to be a flowing stream. By incorporating aromatherapy in your room, you'll be able to smell the grass and bark or the trees. If you prefer a desert visual, customize your fountain with colors of tan, yellow, and orange. This will enable you to relax at a desert oasis customized just for you. With a fountain, you can relax with visions of mountain scenery, sandy beaches or the rain forest -- whenever you want.

If you have a favorite piece of artwork or a favorite picture, you can have it incorporated into your water fountain. The more customized it is, the easier it will be for you to go exactly where you need to for relaxation and unwinding. The best part is that there are variety of sizes with many different price points to meet your needs.

Tip #5: Corporate Ambiance with Custom Water Fountains

How can I increase the welcoming ambiance of my corporate space?  Custom fountains really finish corporate spaces, transforming hollow lobbies into places with depth and integrity. The amazing thing that people don’t realize about commercial fountains is how unobtrusive they are. Walk into a corporate space the day before their full wall fountain is installed, and then the day after the installation, and you’ll notice a palpable difference. You might not immediately be able to identify what it is, but that special something will be there.

It’s for that very reason that corporate clients spend a lot of time and a lot of money creating custom water features. Corporate clients are savvy and understand the concept of creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. If there are any sales to be made or clients to be wooed, the evocative, classic sounds of customized commercial fountains make all the difference in the world.

The trick to creating that mysterious ambiance is in the style, color, size and shape of the fountain. The idea isn’t to draw attention solely to the fountain itself, at least not initially. What matters is that the public feels welcomed. They may not know why, but they feel okay about where they are.  

Tip #6: An Unparallelled Bathroom Spa Experience

If I take on the expense of a custom water fountain for my master bath, will it be worth the cost?  Do you wish you could visit the spa but just don't have the time? Serenity Health & Home Decor brings the spa to you right in your own home. If you're fortunate enough to have a large master bath, consider having a wall mounted custom fountain installed. This kind of project requires a large budget and a big enough space to do the fountain justice. However, if you're very own spa experience is what you're after, creating the atmosphere is easy with a water feature.

Considering the price tag, you may feel the need to justify the expense. If that's the case, just imagine how much money you'll save by not visiting commercial spas. You won't have to with your own personal spa right in your own home. Soak in your jacuzzi and allow the whispering cascade of water to rejuvenate and restore your senses.

The beauty of a custom is the ability to choose exactly what you want. Choose your favorite color, art work, and material to complement your decorating theme. Picking your favorite textiles and colors will enhance your mini spa vacation.

#7: The Corporate Difference in a Quality Custom Fountain

How can I blend the qualities of a stunning custom fountain into the architecture of my corporate space? One thing that brings people back to corporate spaces time and again is the feeling that they’ve received personal attention. Personal attention can take the form of individualized service, or can be more subtle like the ability to carry on private conversations in public areas.

Custom water fountains create an atmosphere where people naturally speak a little softer. There’s a subliminal psychological shift created by custom fountains where the mood settles into something more productive and less harried. That makes for a good corporate space and sets up an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and want to come back.

When choosing a wall fountain for this purpose, it should be big enough to warrant that shift in public mood. It should be large enough to affect a difference, but not something obvious and in-your-face. A commercial fountain can be both stunning and subtle at the same time. It can have character and strength, power and prestige. The important thing is that it should look as if it belongs in that particular space. It should match the corporate color scheme and blend into the architecture. These are the characteristics of a well thought out design.

Tip #8: Features of a Custom Water Fountain

When ordering a custom fountain you have to decide on size, materials, colors, fill and drainage systems, logo and whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor fountain.  

Let’s look at size for instance.  Purchase the size by specifying the depth, width and the height to meet your needs. Don’t be shy, go ahead and ask for recommendations from the professionals. Copper frames will give a fountain more of a traditional look, while stainless steel matches well for other contemporary décor in a room. You can order a powder coat to be applied to the frame in any color you desire. 

Next, you’ll want to select the face or appearance of the fountain. Choices include copper screening, stainless steel, assorted slate colors and rippled or smooth glass. In addition, there are colored mirrors, glass, colored glass or mirror styles.

Another option, is the drain system with auto fill. Create a custom lighting system right down to the colors.  If the fountain is for a business, consider having your own logo in the design as it can advertise for you as well as providing serenity and beautifying the space.

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