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Set Your Sentiments in Stone with Palm-Sized Engraved Rocks: Personalized or Ready-Made Options Available

Personalize your expressions of love, thoughtfulness and inspiration by etching them in beautiful pocket word stones. These are perfect gifts for those special people in your life. They can also be used as wonderful inspirations to carry around in your own pocket. We have a large selection of in-stock words to choose from for your word stones. You can also select the custom option below and choose your own words.

Choose from single-word pocket rocks, engraved, palm-sized, paperweight-sized stones or small engraved stones with one to three words or a small logo. These small stones are perfect for corporate gifts, expression stones, value statements or a unique way to express your love. You will also find engraved heart stones, sea glass stones and sea glass hearts. Any engraved stone you see can be purchased as a single stone or in a set. We can also get you a quote for any amount over 25.

About Our Engraved Pocket Stones:

Our engraved river stones are hand-picked from some of the most beautiful riverbeds. They are beautiful and perfect for engraving. Our engraving department is made up of incredibly talented stone engravers and each person has many years of experience in this work. Their work is absolutely impeccable and really gorgeous. All of our customers agree and we get a lot of repeat business for engraved stones. We have many corporate and private customers who sometimes purchase hundreds of engraved stones at a time. They love what they receive from us. Whether you purchase one engraved stone, or 1,000 stones, we know you will be very satisfied.

The engraved pocket stones from Serenity Health & Home Décor make lovely sentimental keepsakes and make perfect Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifts. They can also be used as wedding favors if you choose to have the bride and groom’s names engraved on them. You can also place an order for branded pocket stones to give out as a unique promotional item for your business. No matter how you choose to use your personalized pocket stones, you’re sure to be pleased with the price and quality of the product.


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