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Serenity Health & Home Decor's flagship brand, Sunnydaze Decor, has helped bring tranquility and bliss to thousands of homes across the world. Boasting the largest variety of water fountains, fire pits and hammocks in the United States, Sunnydaze has become a household name among those who choose the best in design and durability for their home-decor selections.

We promise that you will find the lowest prices on Sunnydaze products here, all available with fast shipping when you order from the Serenity Health website. You can also count on and trust the live, expert support team at Serenity Health, which is here to answer ANY questions about Sunnydaze products that you may have. More importantly, Sunnydaze Decor products are backed by a one-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing quality goods that are vetted, tested and approved by our team in Eau Claire, WI.

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Sunnydaze 200 Count LED Solar Powered String Lights

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$16.95 $37.99
SKU: LHK-StringLight
Sunnydaze 200 Count LED Solar Powered String Lights by Sunnydaze Decor
As low as
$16.95 $37.99

Brighten up any outdoor space with these 200-count LED string lights by Sunnydaze Decor. Each 68-foot string features small lights that create a soft glow of illumination outdoors. Because you don't...

Sunnydaze Christmas Holiday Standing Deer White LED Light Display, Indoor-Outdoor, 27-Inch Height by Sunnydaze Decor
$43.92 $93.95

Add an illuminated display to your outdoor lawn or garden with this Prelit Deer Outdoor Lighted Display from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring energy-efficient LED lights, this elegant display will add a...

Sunnydaze Count Dracula Vampire Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish, 27-Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor
$87.92 $144.95

Grab some candy if you dare from this candy dish in the shape of the classic vampire, Count Dracula. Grinning while showing off his elegant cape, Count Dracula holds his little bat friend as he...

Sunnydaze Double Bells Christmas Multi-Color LED Rope Silhouette Window Light Display, Indoor-Outdoor, 28-Inch x 22-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$39.92 $131.95

This holiday season, add some classic bells to your outdoor decorations with this light display from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring colorful energy-efficient LED lights, this light feature will look...

Sunnydaze Felix the Christmas Fox Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Decor, Polyresin, 24-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$59.95 $97.95

Add the beauty of the woodland to your indoor or outdoor holiday decor display. Felix the playful Christmas fox is portrayed standing on a green gift box holding a decorated Christmas tree while...

Sunnydaze Festive Traveling Snowman Indoor Statue, Polyresin, 27-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$99.00 $199.95

This snowman statue will add instant charm and cheer to your holiday decorations. He is designed with a black top hat, carrot nose, red and green scarf and black boots. He lights the way with a...

Sunnydaze Frankenstein Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish, 27-Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor
$87.92 $144.95

Have an adorable place to contain your candy this Halloween with the Frankenstein Halloween Candy Bowl Dish from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring the classic Halloween character Frankenstein, this candy...

Sunnydaze Gold Sparkling Fir Tree Statue Indoor/Outdoor Winter or Christmas Decor, Polyresin, 18-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$33.95 $67.95

Add the perfect holiday accent to your home’s Christmas decor this season with this shimmering, gold fir tree statue. It’s the perfect addition a winter wonderland display, a small outdoor display or...

Sunnydaze Gwendolyn the Evil Witch Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish, 28-Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor
$87.92 $165.95

Add a frightful touch to your Halloween decor with Gwendolyn the Evil Witch Candy Bowl from Sunnydaze Decor. With her bright green warty skin and pointy nose, this witch is sure to become a seasonal...

Sunnydaze Holiday Outdoor LED Lighted Christmas Deer Silhouette, Warm White, 32-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$79.92 $131.95

Enhance your seasonal outdoor decor with this beautiful LED Lighted Christmas Deer from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring warm white LEDs, this classic-style silhouette of a reindeer will add a beautiful...

Sunnydaze Holiday Prelit Red/White 3 Bells Silhouette LED Rope Christmas Light Display, Indoor-Outdoor, 23-Inch Long x 18-Inch Height by Sunnydaze Decor
$47.92 $131.95

Bring some holiday cheer to your home and neighborhood with this trio of prelit bells from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring energy-efficient LED rope lights attached to a metal frame, this light display...

Sunnydaze Holly Jolly Snowman Indoor/Outdoor Statue, Polyresin, 36-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$107.92 $197.95

This snowman will find the way to all his holiday gatherings with his classic lantern. His Santa-style red hat and coat, gold and green scarf, mittens and boots will add extra festive cheer. He is...

Sunnydaze Indoor-Outdoor Multi-Color LED 3D Christmas Holiday Gift Box Silhouette, 18-Inch Height by Sunnydaze Decor
$55.92 $93.95

Bring color to your outdoor decor this holiday season with this Prelit Multi-Color Present from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring static colorful lights with flashing cool white lights mixed in, this gift...

Sunnydaze Indoor/Outdoor LED String Lights with 20 Oblong Edison Bulbs, 23-Foot Lighted Length, Weather-Resistant UL-Listed by Sunnydaze Decor
$60.92 $92.95

Transform your outdoor or indoor space with classic lighting style of this string of LED lights. The oblong Edison-style bulbs give off a true vintage vibe while the modern LED operation won't hike...

Sunnydaze Jack the Scary Pumpkin Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish with LEDs, 28-Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor
$99.92 $158.95

Add this mischievous trick or treating pumpkin to your Halloween decor with this candy bowl from Sunnydaze Decor. Made of durable polyresin, Jack the Scary Pumpkin holds a sign with the impish and...

Sunnydaze Journeying Santa Claus Indoor Statue with Light Projector, Polyresin, 27-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$99.00 $199.95

Santa Claus has to make sure he can find his way to town. With his trusty projection light lantern in hand, he is on the way! The Santa figurine features a traditional-style Santa with hat and red...

Sunnydaze LED Rope Light Santa Claus Decoration, Prelit, Indoor-Outdoor with Colored Lights, 32-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$31.92 $74.95

Light up your holiday season this year and for the following years with this outdoor/indoor prelit Santa Claus decoration. Santa features a red suit, green mittens, blue boots, white beard and white...

Sunnydaze Multi-Color LED Snowman Decoration, Prelit, Indoor-Outdoor Christmas Holiday Window Silhouette, 20-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$27.92 $63.95

Make this cheerful snowman lighted display part of your outdoor decor this holiday season. Featuring energy-efficient LED lights, this light feature has the classic look of a neon sign. The colorful...

Sunnydaze No Rest for the Wicked Tombstone Graveyard Halloween Decoration, 24-Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor
$63.92 $171.95

Transform your front yard into a creepy cemetery with this ominous No Rest for the Wicked Tombstone from Sunnydaze Decor. Featuring grim details, like skulls and chains, this gravestone is sure to...

Sunnydaze Santa Claus Checking His List Indoor Statue, Polyresin, 36-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$125.00 $218.75

Santa always has to make sure his list is complete and accurate. With help from a street lamp featured in this stunning holiday accent he can check his list as many times as he wants. The brilliantly...

Sunnydaze Sleigh with Reindeer Christmas Holiday Outdoor Light Display with Blue and White LEDs, 58-Inch x 23-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$51.92 $131.95

Enhance your winter landscape with this festive outdoor light display of a sleigh being led by reindeer. Featuring energy-efficient LED lights, this outdoor lighted holiday decoration is ready to set...

Sunnydaze Small Fir Tree Statue Indoor/Outdoor Winter or Christmas Decor, Polyresin, 15-Inch by Sunnydaze Decor
$29.64 $62.95

This little fir tree will add charm and cheer to your winter display! The accent piece features a durable polyresin construction with simple green painted branches. It’s the perfect addition to a...

Sunnydaze Solar LED Outdoor String Lights with 10 Multi-Color Light Bulbs, 16-Foot Length by Sunnydaze Decor
$19.95 $26.95

Update your outdoor space with decorative and energy-efficient lighting from Sunnydaze Decor! This string of lights features 10 multicolor bulbs in the shape of traditional incandescent light bulbs,...

Sunnydaze Solar Outdoor Warm White LED Starburst Light, 20-Inch Diameter, 2-Pack by Sunnydaze Decor
$32.95 $43.95

Make this set of two Solar Outdoor LED Starburst Lights part of your outdoor space. Featuring warm white LED lights, these hanging starburst lights make a great accent for special occasions such as...

About The Sunnydaze Decor Product Array:

As experts in the home-decor field, our product assortment represents the most popular, useful and sought-out items for both indoor and outdoor placement and use. We specialize in:

Water fountains: Options for interior or exterior placement; wall-mounting, standalone and tabletop styles; and fountains that operate via electrical, solar, or solar-on-demand (with the ability to collect and store a charge within an included battery pack) power sourcing.

Fire pits & allied fire-pit products: Portable/moveable (non-stationary) outdoor fire pits, campfire rings, above-ground caged braziers and fire-pit rims for DIY projects, as well as fireside accessories for improving your outdoor entertaining area, like flame-resistant tables, fire pokers, and drink holders for different types of glassware, to name a few.

Hammocks, hanging chairs, and stands for both: Varieties made of cotton rope, nylon cord and weather-resistant fabrics featuring delightful patterns; selections with or without spreader bars (our bars are often made of wood); and a host of stands for hammocks and hanging "egg" and other chairs, which allow for placement if a tree or sturdy beam is not available.

Canopies, canopy stakes and canopy carriers: Quick-up canopies (the style popular for outdoor events like flea markets and bazaars) in multiple sizes; and ropes, stakes and sidewalls for canopies.

Garden carts & "rolling seat" stools: Including upright dolly-style push carts, a colorful selection of wagon-like varieties for hauling yard items, and "roller seat" apparatuses, similar to those mechanics use (though not for laying on, like a "creeper,") and featuring tractor-style seating, to help those who have trouble bending or squatting complete yard and other work in comfort.

Gnomes & garden statues: Male and female gnomes in a variety of festive hats and outfits featuring traditional and modern settings and character themes; some with solar-lighting; and a statue of a gnome pooping on a toilet (which is a best seller). "Rockwell"-style sculptures; a popular Buddha statue; options featuring welcome signs and solar lanterns; a plethora of animal-themed statues depicting owls, dogs, bears, birds and more.

Tabletop fireplaces: Square, cylindrical, rectangular, die-cut, "floating" and other styles; all powered by sootless, smokeless bio-ethanol fuel; options with black, white, "silver" (brushed steel) and brown finishes.

Wind spinners: A unique selection of helix-inspired hanging objects art; models in copper or acrylic; selections featuring suncatcher-type crystals and marble accents.

Patio furniture: "Zero gravity" lounge chairs that provide flexible, comfortable seating; trays that secure to chair framework and feature formed drink and cup holder.