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About CASL Brands

Serenity Health & Home Decor is excited to announce our next brand, CASL Brands. CASL products are designed with you in mind, focusing on functional, home and office type products. You will find high-quality, utility products such as home-gym fitness equipment, seasonal snow shovels and utility shovels as well as home and office products.

We promise you the same superior quality that you find with our Sunnydaze Decor line, with the same one-year warranty, and great US-based customer service that you receive when you buy from Serenity Health & Home Decor.

Explore Our Selection Of CASL Brands Products

CASL Brands 18-Inch Instructional Foam Roller with 9 Printed Exercises by CASL Brands
$13.93 $24.99

If you need to relieve muscle tension, order this CASL Brands Foam Roller from Serenity Health & Home Decor. On this unique 18-inch foam roller, exercise instructions have been printed for an...

CASL Brands Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray and Mobile Device Slot, 31-Inch Wide by CASL Brands
$151.92 $236.99

A little extra movement at work may be just what you need to boost your productivity to the next level. Get on your feet and start standing with this CASL Brands height-adjustable ergonomic desk...

CASL Brands Indoor Floor Lamp with Metal and Slate Base and Fabric Lampshade, 60-Inch by CASL Brands
$139.92 $211.95

Illuminate dark corners of your home with a new floor lamp! This floor lamp by CASL Brands measures 61.5 inches tall and features a metal pole base with decorative slate detailing as well as a...

CASL Brands Indoor Modern Table Lamp with Caged Black Metal Base and Fabric Lampshade, 35-Inch by CASL Brands
$127.92 $198.95

Light up the desk, end table or occasional sofa table with this contemporary caged base table lamp. This table lamp by CASL Brands is 33 inches tall and features a flared fabric lampshade and sleek...

CASL Brands Indoor Table Lamp with Industrial-Inspired Concrete Base with Chrome Detailing and Fabric Lampshade, 27-Inch by CASL Brands
$111.92 $173.95

Illuminate dark surfaces and rooms with this industrial-inspired rectangular table lamp! The concrete-based lamp features chrome detailing and a rectangular white fabric lampshade that is both...

CASL Brands Indoor Table Lamp with Slate Pyramid Base and Fabric Lampshade, 31-Inch by CASL Brands
$123.92 $186.95

Add instant class, light and a modern vibe to indoor surfaces with this table lamp. Featuring a flared geometric-shaped, neutral slate base with a red-brown shade this table lamp by CASL Brands is...

CASL Brands Large Rectangular Wall Mirror with Decorative Concrete/Resin Frame by CASL Brands
$159.92 $236.95

Beckon light and style into your space with a decorative wall mirror. The faux wood design combined with the concrete/resin construction of the frame and beveled glass mirror will add a...

CASL Brands Large Rectangular Wall Mirror with Decorative Slate Frame by CASL Brands
$199.92 $298.95

Add elegant charm and a more open feel to any indoor space with a large wall-mounted mirror. Featuring a gorgeous slate frame and beveled glass frame. This mirror can be installed vertically or...

CASL Brands Olympic Barbell Bar

Video Available
$86.93 $186.99
SKU: LUS-310
CASL Brands Olympic Barbell Bar by CASL Brands
$86.93 $186.99

Build up your strength with full body workouts when you use this Olympic barbell bar. Barbell is designed to last with a chromed steel construction, clamps and bronze bushings. The components of the...