Top 20 Gifts for Mom This Mother's Day

I think we can all agree - moms deserve only the best. Every mom is different in their own way; they each have their own personal and unique sense of style and interests - that's exactly why we love them. Every mom should receive a gift this year that is tailored to their specific wants and needs, which is why we have compiled this list of popular Mother's Day gifts! So whether your super mom is a gardener, a camper, or a fitness fan, you're sure to find the perfect gift for her here that best suits her interests!

For the Gardener

1. Rolling Garden Cart

This rolling garden cart is the perfect solution for garden loving moms who have to deal with the pains that come with bending and crouching to tend to their flowers and vegetables!

2. Garden Planter

Our hanging basket planter stand is sure to add a charming ambiance to your mother's front yard, porch, garden, or patio! Be sure to check out our wide selection of garden planters to find the perfect style and design for mom!

3. Garden Gnome

Is your mom looking for a smaller piece of adorable garden decor? Our whimsical garden gnomes are the perfect gift for her! Arnold and Sarah pictured above are just two of our many playful, charming gnomes available now!

4. Garden Bench

Give your mom a peaceful place to chat with friends as she takes in the serene surroundings of her gorgeous garden. The checkered design of this unique garden bench has a classic flair that is sure to complement most outdoor decor!

5. Garden Trellis

Help mom put her beautiful climbing plants and vegetables on display with these rustic wire plant trellises! These two steel trellises can be used indoors and outdoors in large potted plants or out in the garden. They will support mom's plants throughout their growth! Check out all our garden trellis styles now!

6. Wind Spinner

Our wind spinners are full of vibrant color and playful personality! Each one is uniquely mesmerizing and stylish in its own way, just like all the wonderful moms out there. This hummingbird spinner is one of our many dazzling wind spinners available now! 

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

7. Bird Feeder

For moms who love to be outside and enjoy the early morning bird chirping, one of our carefully designed bird feeders is the perfect gift for them! This feeder features a plastic tube surrounded by a steel wire cage that prevents squirrels and larger birds from getting to the birdseed. This feeder is ideal for moms who want to create a hospitable environment for smaller songbirds like wrens, chickadees and finches!

8. Quilted Fabric Hammock

Mom deserves a little time relaxing in the warm sun, and what better way to give her the gift of ultimate relaxation than with a cozy hammock! This 2 person freestanding hammock is one of our many favorites in the quilted fabric hammock collection. 

9. Patio Umbrella

new patio umbrella is the perfect gift to keep mom cool by the pool this summer! This offset patio umbrella is available in burnt orange and beige. It is made from 100% polyester fabric with steel ribs, and has a black powder coated steel pole for resistance to rust and stronger support.

10. Porch Swing

Our outdoor wooden rocking loveseat is another great gift to help mom kick back and relax after a long day. Plus, this cozy rocker comfortably accommodates two adults, leaving room for another loved one to join her! 

11. Outdoor Water Fountain

We have a HUGE selection of outdoor water fountains that mom is sure to love! Any style, shape, color - you name it, we have it. From tiered to rock waterfall to stone to wooden to bird bath fountains, you're sure to find a style that best suits your mom's lively and unique personality! 

For the Camping Expert

12. Camping Hammock

This lightweight hammock is made of tightly woven nylon material, featuring durable carabiners for hanging and a matching carrying bag. They're ideal for biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, the beach or any outdoor activity!

13. Portable Fire Pit

When mom is on the go hiking and camping, it's best to give her a gift that can be on the go with her. This portable, folding fire pit is lightweight and durable. The folding legs assemble quickly and when the legs are folded, the fire pit can easily fit in her vehicle for stress-free transporting.

14. Marshmallow Skewers

Available in a set of 4 or 6 skewers, these handy tools are perfect for mom's late nights by the campfire!

15. Drink Holders

Does your mom enjoy a casual drink by the fire or just in the backyard? These red white and blue drink holders are a wonderful way for mom to keep her drink nearby as she enjoys her favorite outdoor activities. 

For the Fitness Fan

16. Balance Ball Trainer

Our balance ball trainer is here to help your mom reach her fitness goals. It's designed to strengthen muscle and improve stability, all while toning the body. It surely adds a dynamic component to a workout! 

17. Foam Roller Set

Our 3-in-1 foam roller set is designed to target the lower back, upper back, neck, knees and any other areas of the body where relief is needed!

18. Battle Ropes

If your mom is ready for an intense workout, then these battle ropes are for her! Whipping these ropes up and down gives you a full body workout by focusing on increasing cardiovascular and muscular endurance. As with all our fitness equipment, it's just another workout that can be done from the comforts of home!

19. High Density Yoga Mat

If mom is looking for more of a peaceful and laid back workout, our high density yoga mat is a wonderful gift idea! This mat provides a stable spot where she can practice yoga, work on her Pilates, or simply do some basic exercises like squats, sit-ups or pushups.

20. Yoga Ball Balance Chair

Is your mom looking for ways to fit a low key workout into her everyday routine? Unlike any regular old office chair, this yoga ball seat helps to build a healthier core, align the spine, and relieve back pain and stiffness.