Top 10 Summer Gardening Tips & Tricks

Attention all gardeners: summer is FINALLY here! That means it's gardening time. Round up your favorite seeds, flowers, and plants because it's time to get digging in the dirt. We hope these insightful gardening tips will prove helpful when you're out planting this season!

1. Grow Those Veggies!

Warm summer months are a wonderful time to plant and grow peppers, zucchini, corn, squash, and more! It's also a great time to add some herbs to your garden. Overall, the sunshine and warm soil is the ideal growing environment for your yummy greens!

2. Clean Up & Fertilize! 

If you live in an area that's currently recovering from a long, harsh winter, your garden (and yard, for that matter) will need some serious tending to. To get your garden looking healthy and ready for growth this summer, we suggest three things: 

  • Remove any old, dead leaves that might still be nestled in or around trees or your plotted area. Believe it or not, plenty of these will still be there from the fall. Also remove the removal of foliage from spring flowers.
  • Remove any old, wilted weeds and plan for them in the future by applying generous amounts of mulch to your garden.
  • Fertilize! Giving your plants and flowers as many nutrients as possible is so important right now. Fertilizing, along with healthy soil, will help them bloom and thrive in the warm summer weather.

3. Keep Your Pots Cool.

Did you know that your potted plants are prone to overheating? To avoid the summer heat wave destroying these lovely plants, lightly mulch within the pot and try your best to position somewhere with a small amount of shade. An ideal location would be sun in the morning, and shade in the afternoon. Be sure to also keep up with watering them, of course!

4. Keep Those Pests Under Control. 

Summer is arguably the worst time of the year for garden pests and unwanted insects chewing away at your plants! But did you know that placing bird baths or bird feeders in your yard will help control the pest population? These outdoor decor items will attract plenty of beautiful birds, thus controlling all those nasty beetles and other insects. But remember, always be friendly and welcoming to our fellow bees and ladybugs because they certainly help rather than harm. 

5. Protect Yourself Out There.

Be sure to take care of more than just your flowers out there in the summer heat - tend to yourself as well. Don't work under the hot sun for long periods of time to avoid overheating yourself. Take breaks indoors to drink water and cool off, and make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. We recommend for every 30 minutes of hard work you do under that scolding sun, take a 10 minute cool down break. Stay safe out there!

6. Mix It Up.

Give your garden a new sense of style every year! It's easy to get stuck in the same routine every summer, trimming the same plants, planting the same flowers, and harvesting the same vegetables. Spice it up a little this year and try something different! Plant something you have no knowledge of; gardening is a learning experience in itself, so why not take the time to learn new things about it?

7. Decorate with Succulents. 

Yes, we're just as obsessed with succulents as everyone else right now! They add the perfect pop of color to any outdoor space. They're a unique way to give your porch, deck, backyard, or garden space a lot of style for a little cost to you. We love the pre-potted ones because they're easy to bring home, place in your desired space, and water lightly about once a week. They're super easy to maintain and take care of!

8. Keep the Bees and Hummingbirds Happy.

Our pollinators are important. What's also important is providing them with plants and flowers that will attract them and allow them to do their job. Annual sunflowers are a wonderful option, but be sure to check with your local florists and plant nurseries to see what's best for them in your specific area this summer! Gardening is a fantastic way to support wildlife; it's something every gardener should take pride in!

9. Don't Forget About the Trees!

The trees need some love, too! Be sure to fertilize them and give them a depth of about 2 inches of water when needed. Trim your trees when necessary and always clean up old leaves, twigs, and branches. 

10. Get the Kids Involved!

There's nothing better than some quality bonding time with your kids. It could be your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or the local neighborhood kid - there's just something special about teaching children how to grow your own food and precious plants. It's a skill they can use forever, and pass down to their own little ones someday. Inspire them, educate them, and most importantly, have fun!