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There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect outdoor waterfall for your garden, courtyard or patio. These lovely fountain installations come in several different styles and are made using a variety of different materials. It’s important to consider your landscaping goals as well as your current Decor style when making your decision. These fountains also have different methods of operation that must be noted while taking the planned installation area into consideration.

Most rock waterfall fountains are made from fiberglass or resin materials making them lightweight but weather resistant for outdoor areas. There are also real rock waterfall options, but those are more of a permanent installation because of their weight and size. When choosing between these two options, you’ll need to decide whether or not you may want to move the fountain in the future. Natural stone waterfalls are significantly harder to move than their fiberglass and resin counterparts.

Rock waterfalls can have horizontal or vertical water flow movement. Some are fashioned with pools where a steady overflow of water moves from basin to basin, creating an even and harmonic water sound. Others have a more chaotic water flow, spilling over the rock ledges and creating a varied and more unique water sound. This decision simply comes down to personal taste. Think about how much sound you’d like your fountain to make and what you’d like your garden waterfall to look like. Some feature more natural styles that are meant to mimic the appearance of real waterfalls while others have a clearly manmade design.

There are lots of different styles of these works of art that can be applied depending on the style that is dominant in that exact outdoor area. You or your landscaper can choose between copper waterfalls, glass or mirror waterfalls, rock waterfall fountains, or wall fountains, free standing and even custom waterfalls. With the large selection of outdoor fountains there is available from Serenity Health & Home Decor, finding the ideal fountain will be as simple as deciding which option you like best. Match the waterfall materials and design to your Decor plan or design your landscaping around one of these gorgeous fountains.

An important thing to consider when planning to install a rock waterfall is how the unit will operate. Most of these outdoor features operate via an electrical pump that is powered using a standard outlet. For this type, you will need a convenient outdoor outlet that is close enough for the cord to reach the area where you would like to install the garden waterfall. If you’re concerned about hiding the unsightly power cord, rest assured that most popular styles today use a hollow base or have the outlet concealed inside the design to give the garden waterfall a more natural appearance.

With such a great variety of different garden waterfalls available in the Serenity Health & Home Decor selection, finding the most suitable fountain for your garden style is incredibly easy. Combine this selection with all of the other available outdoor water features and you’re sure to be able to find an outdoor fountain that you love.