How to Spruce up Your Garden with Color in Five Steps

Those of you who garden and enjoy designing your outdoor landscape know how challenging it can be to construct a complete design plan and carry it out. From picking out a theme to picking out your plants down to the tiniest detail of choosing the tools you'll need, it can be a huge task! Luckily, we have some unique ideas here to assist you in your gardening plans. Here are some fun ways to add vibrant color to your outdoor space and garden.

1. Add Bright Solar Lighting

These bright solar chameleon smart globe solar lights will add a charming glow to your outdoor space. Place them on the deck, in the garden, on the patio or set them in the pool to float and illuminate your yard at night! You can have them either continuously cycle through the color spectrum or choose one specific color by clicking the freeze button.

Not only do these colorful solar lights add some much-needed color to your garden, they also provide the useful function of lighting your outdoor space at night. When you use them to light your pool or line a garden path, they can also act as safety guards by keeping you from accidentally stumbling into unlit water. Plus, these illuminated ball lights will give your garden a fun and whimsical feel.

2. Add Some Cute Critters

These four little ladybugs turn on when it gets dark and can illuminate the space around them for 8 hours when they’re fully charged. Not only are they adorable, they're also helpful in the night, lighting up a path for you when you’re walking around.

Ladybug lights and other fun illumination pieces are perfect for homes with children. Your kids will love following a path of glowing critters through the dark.

3. A Gnome

A gnome is a charming way to add a touch of color and playfulness to your outdoor space. They're a unique and fun way to greet and welcome guests, too! Lawn gnomes also continue with the whimsical theme and will pair perfectly with your fun solar lights. Use a gnome like the one pictured as a fun way to welcome your guests to a garden party or barbecue.

4. Paint your Patio

Find some colorful paints and an area of your yard that could use a little brightening up and get to work! All you need is some paint, paint brushes and a little time and effort and this DIY is complete! Of course, the color option is up to you. Elsie from a Beautiful Mess blog shows her own take on the at home craft in the above picture. It sure is creative, lively, and the perfect burst of color! This is also a perfect way to update a tired old set of pavers when you don’t have the time or budget to completely redo your patio space.

5. Incorporate a Patio Umbrella in your Decor

Shade your patio space in style with vibrant patio umbrellas! These umbrellas are available in seven different colors and have a tilt and crank function that allow you to make adjustments easily. They're the perfect splash of color for any outdoor space!

In addition to adding vibrant color to your outdoor area, patio umbrellas provide necessary protection from the hot midday sun. Use one to shield your outdoor table or other patio furniture. You can also pair it with a brightly colored hammock to create a perfectly shaded lounge area in your yard.