Build Your Dog a Snoopy Dog House | Dog House Blueprints

With all the Halloween stuff appearing in the stores lately, I’'m reminded of my all-time favorite dog, Snoopy, and the Peanut’s Halloween Special It’'s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have always dug the simplicity of Snoopy’s dog house, whether it happens to be red, blue, or yellow. Of course, it’s just a simple A-frame dog house, which would be easy enough to build. Have your own pooch? Why not enjoy the cooler fall weather by building him his own “Snoopy” dog house?

Building a Snoopy dog house is an easy project, which can be accomplished either from building it from scratch or simply assembling a dog house kit. This project should only take you about half a day and cost between $50-100.

If you are going to build from scratch, first you should print some plans to follow. I found these plans to be helpful.

Once you have your plans on hand, you will need to gather your materials. Wood and plastic seem to be popular choices, but be sure to take into consideration your local climate- if you live somewhere where it gets really cold in the winter, you will need to adjust your plans so your dog house is warmer (or invest in a dog house heater.)

I found this site to be very detailed in the instructions for building a Snoopy dog house. It also features step-by-step videos, which are extremely helpful!

If you have your own “Joe Cool” pooch and want to give him a cool dog house of his own, a Snoopy dog house is always a safe way to go, whether you build it or buy it. There’'s no guarantee that he’ will sleep inside (instead of on the roof), or that he won’t fly off on it to fight the Red Baron, though!