7 Brand New, Stylish Outdoor Water Fountains

Spring. It's a season that's all about starting fresh, new, and clean. When I think of spring, I think of colorful, blooming flowers bursting through the earth giving new life to a growing garden. I think of trees sprouting new green leaves. I think of baby birds escaping from their shell, eager and ready to start a brand new journey called life. The theme here, as you can probably tell, is that with the spring season comes new life, new hope, and fresh ideas.

How about we start this amazing journey of entering the new, spring season with your backyard or garden by making it a more inviting, warm, and calming atmosphere! Check out these brand new outdoor water fountains that are sure to give your outdoor space a little bit of fresh style and a whole new peaceful, tranquil ambiance. 

1. NEW 3-Tier Vase Outdoor Fountain Plant Stand

Add a touch of modern nature to your backyard with this 3-tier outdoor water fountain. Reminiscent of an ancient pottery vase, this water fountain reminds us that appearances are more than meets the eye by revealing a magical scene inside. Its LED lights reflecting softly on the flowing water are sure to give your outdoor space a sense of peace and tranquility. 

2. NEW Spiraling Tower Outdoor Bubbling Water Fountain

This contemporary, splash-proof fountain is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space! Featuring two-toned coloring and a graceful geometric twisting shape with a dark colored sleek and smooth bottom, this outdoor fountain is elegant, yet simple. It's a unique, modern accent that will give your yard a fresh, new, and distinctive style!

3. NEW 3-Stream Outdoor Water Fountain

Welcome the spring season to your outdoor space with this modern, lightweight outdoor water feature. The polyresin construction gives the fountain its lightweight properties. The sculptural style of the spiral tower and sleek pool base work together to create a stunning and functional design. Imagine this fountain as the focal point of your garden this spring!

4. NEW Multilevel Modern Ring Outdoor Water Fountain

Allow soothing energy to flow through your outdoor space with this modern style outdoor water fountain. The unique ring design of this fountain along with its inner tier shelves set on a short pedestal base is sure to catch the eye of all your house guests. Plus, its cascading water sounds carefully tune out unwanted background noises, leaving your yard with only a tranquil ambiance and calming aura. Your guests will leave your outdoor parties feeling well relaxed!

5. NEW Ornate Lavello Outdoor Water Fountain

This classic, detailed water fountain made from sturdy polyresin material is stylish and easy to maintain! You'll be instantly soothed by the loud, gushing sounds of water as it cascades from the top spout to the second level. Then, the water splits into three streams and flows down into the lower level and down into the basin in 5 calming streams. Its intricate design will take you back to classical times, giving your yard or garden a pure and traditional feel.

6. NEW Outdoor Water Bucket and Barrel Garden Fountain

Bring old-fashioned charm to your garden space with this rustic outdoor water fountain. Featuring soothing sounds of rushing water, a wooden well and bucket design, and polyresin construction, this fountain is lightweight and full of traditional charm! Make it the focal point of your garden, the staple of your front yard, or a welcoming structure in your backyard among the plants and trees! This fountain is sure to fit in wonderfully anywhere in your outdoor space.

7. NEW Outdoor Turquoise Raku Basin Fountain

The unique yet vibrant turquoise coloring of this fountain blends wonderfully with the hues of brown, grey and black, making this decor piece perfect for any patio, deck, porch, yard or garden. This beautiful fountain comes with decorative rocks, and features a polyresin construction. Created to resemble a unique pottery design, this fountain is sure to get guests intrigued and talking about its distinct sense of style and pretty blend of color!