Yin and Yang of Water Fountains in the Home

People that practice Feng Shui understand that having a water fountain in their home produces elements important to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.

Briefly, the practice of yin and yang is to bring a balance of opposing forces into your life for healthy stability. Examples are: positive and negative, male, female, and water and fire or sunlight. We all understand that after a hectic week at work, a few days at the lake or beach makes us feel rejuvenated and rested. The very word, “recreation” means to re-create, and water is an important part of re-creating our bodies, minds and souls.

It makes sense then, that a water fountain in the home provides the same feeling as living near the sea or river. Living with water contributes to the "Yin and Yang" in a home environment, raising the level of energy with running water or a peace with quiet water. An indoor water fountain can be the solution. Creating a positive energy at home can be achieved by adding an indoor fountain or an element of active water by the front door.

According to Feng Shui enthusiasts, water flowing towards the front door can bring more vitality into your home while water flowing away from the entrance can carry vitality away leading to the feeling that wealth is flowing away from you. Feng Shui practitioners often refer to "wind and water" and about the flow and containment of energy.

Water in the home is nice to hear and see. And this energy can be generated by agitating with your fingers, tipping from one bowl to another or running in a water fountain. As an example, many people enjoy having a water fountain at the front door. It can have a calming effect on nerves and provide a sense of inspiration.

Indoor fountains are popular on a counter by the front door and bring a positive energy into a home. A water fountain in an attractive garden can also lift spirits, make us feel relaxed and joyful at the same time. In some cultures, water and money have a relationship, which is often why you see banks in Asian cities with water fountains outside aimed towards the front door.

In Feng Shui water has a special meaning. Water carries ingredients vital for human life, and is essential for growing the food we eat. Water holds a great attraction for many people. Holidays, picnics and sporting activities often involve visiting places where there is water. Rivers, lakes, canals, waterfalls or swimming pools are regular features of many people's lives."

A water fountain in or near the home affects its chi energy, which in turn influences our own energy. When conditions are favorable, nearby water can enhance the chi energy of your home, thereby increasing your wealth and vitality, the philosophy states. The important factors include the quality of the water, the way it flows, and its direction from the center of your home. Salt water from the sea or ocean is more yang, whereas fresh water from lakes, rivers and stream is more yin. The chi energy of moving water is more yang than that of still water, so a waterfall has a more active yang influence than a millpond. At the same time the downward movement of water creates a more grounding effect, whereas a bubbling spring has a more uplifting influence.