Why Wood Burning Fire Pits Are so Popular

FB8008 30 diamond mesh fire pit

Some of Serenity Health’ and Home Decor best selling fire pits are wood burning ones. Why you may ask? Well, there are several reasons, which you may want to look over if you're deciding between a gas or wood burning fire pit for your home:

It's Cheaper

That is the biggest driving factor for people, especially in this economy. Wood burning fire pits are cheaper to make than gas because less tech is involved in their function. They're also cheaper to ship, because on the whole they are lighter and or smaller than gas ones (which have to ship in one piece, often LTL). When people are looking for a pit, they're generally looking in the hundred range, rather than thousand. Thus, the wood burning fire pit.

It's Cheaper . . . Fuel


Wood is way cheaper than running a gas line or buying propane tank refills. If you have trees in your yard, you have free kindling. If you have a bit of land or a friend who does, you can even get the logs for free. But, even if you buy wood from a wood person, it will be cheaper per unit than gas.

More Portable

The positioning of a gas fire pit is pretty permanent, especially if you run a natural gas line to your fire pit. For some people, this isn't a problem, but for most of us who are indecisive, this could be a problem. Wood burning fire pits are pretty light, and can be moved around the yard at will. They are also great to bring camping or to a park. This is a very attractive feature for most people, who like options.